The Rich Kids Of Instagram Is Becoming A TV Show: Because The Insufferable Aren’t Visible Enough


Thank god for the E! network, without which we’d live in a world darkened and cold. We’d shiver together, freezing in the absence of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Married To Jonas, and Ice Love Coco. Thanks to the great philanthropists who come up with ideas for new reality shows, the world is about to get a whole lot warmer, and–let’s face it–realer. Deadline is reporting that E! is developing an unscripted show currently titled Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The show “revolves around a group of 20-something friends living in a world of extreme wealth who caught notice on Instagram. The offspring of the most elite families and billionaire moguls party, play and support each other against a backdrop of wealth.” Most of the cast members were featured on Rich Kids Of Instagram, the amazing Tumblr that showcases the world’s most annoying young people and their gilded lives.

I imagine this will be a Kardashian-meets-The Hills bonanza of shopping excursions, spa treatments, romantic intrigue, American, non-French women calling their fathers “Papa,” chartered flights, and nuanced discussions of privilege and the incredible wealth gap in this country.

If any peasants out there feel like watching this while drinking Two Buck Chuck and screaming at the TV, you know how to find me.

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    • Benita

      For the record, it’s not just the French who call their fathers ‘Papa’. It’s pretty common in many Latino families.

    • StephC12

      *gif of Paul Rudd “ugh” in Wet Hot American Summer*

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      *lays on floor crying*

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        hehehe I just disquss stalked you!

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