Beyonce Cut Her Hair Into Gorgeous Pixie Style

Beyonce long hair

Queen of the World Flowing Honey Locksland Beyonce has opted to try a new style with her hair. She posted photos on Instagram last night of a beautiful pixie cut, which not only serves as a reminder that #selfies are totally a-okay, but also that short hair is still a fresh and exciting change.

Beyonce's new hair: a pixie cut! Beyonce haircut: a pixie cut! Beyonce's new hair: a pixie cut!

Wonderful, right? I’m also obsessed with her eyebrows, but then I’m all like, “One obsessive envy aspect at a time, Sam.”

Quick PSA: Short hair is a gorgeous on just about everyone (the “just about” does not include myself, who was seemingly incapable of getting it to sit flat for longer than an hour). Plus, it is convenient — you use less products, you can wash it fast, the wait time for it to dry is extremely quick, and so on. It is an incredibly efficient and fun hairstyle. If you think you want to do it, please just go for it and don’t worry about what anyone will think of it; chances are, it will look better than you imagine. And even if it doesn’t, you can always spend all that money you will be saving on shampoo to get extensions and/or polyjuice potion so we can all turn into Amber Rose.

What do you think of Beyonce’s new hair?

Photos: Beyonce’s Instagram.

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    • Candace

      Is it an actual haircut, or is it just a pre-wig shot?

    • Candace

      Also, she’s making me feel awesome about the fact that I need to dye my roots. I’m gonna start saying I’m just going for the Beyonce look.

    • Elizabeth Licata

      I feel an overwhelming compulsion to grab some scissors right now.

    • Maria

      She looks fantastic but in my opinion, she looks older now.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I think she looks 31 :)

    • Brooke

      She looks cussin’ fabulous. Kinda interesting that it’s so close in time to Rihanna chopping her hair too.

    • Elizabeth

      Lovely! I’ve noticed that it’s SUPER common to hear “Wow, not everyone would look good with short hair, but ____ totally does!” But honestly… have you ever seen a celebrity who got a short haircut that didn’t look good? Because I haven’t. I think that short hair is just about as universally flattering as long hair, so long as it’s a well-done cut.

      Also, I have had hair from mid-back length to buzz cut, and I have spent the most time/money/products BY FAR on the pixie cut length! It definitely wasn’t roll-out-of-bed-and-go the way that long hair (and my lovely buzz) was.

      • Samantha

        Agreed! Pixie cuts are deceptive!

        The easiest hair cut I’ve had has been the chin-length bob. Heavy enough to sit flat, short enough to use less shampoo, product, and hair dryer time.

      • Elizabeth

        I’m hoping that’s true for me as well! I’m getting there!

    • K. Adams

      I dont normally care for beyonce at all. Nothing wrong with her, just not my cup of tea. With that said i have to say she looks pretty nice with that new cut.

      • Cee

        Yep. Her hair looks nice, but I don’t understand the frenzy everyone goes into with everything she does.