A Very Pregnant Lisa D’Amato Wears Crop Top On Red Carpet

Pregnant Lisa D'Amato wearing a crop top for an ANTM event.

At some point in the 92830293.95 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, there was a contestant named Lisa D’Amato. After placing sixth in her season and finding that next-to-nobody offers real modeling work to people whose idea of “modeling” is “putting cockroaches on their hands while Jeffrey Star glares at you with his weird, vacant eyes,” D’Amato wound up rejoining the ANTM show for its 17th cycle — the “All Stars” one.

Apparently, she won or something, not that it matters, but the main reason we’re discussing her at this very moment is the outfit she wore last night at the America’s Next Top Model 20th cycle party in Los Angeles. At the moment, D’Amato is very pregnant, but she didn’t wear the typical maternity dresses you see all over Hollywood events that cover up just about everything (with a few exceptions). Instead, she wore a crop top and maxi skirt.

Pregnant Lisa D'Amato wearing a crop top for an ANTM event.

And ill-rehearsed facial expressions that come from watching too many Victoria’s Secret shows.

Pregnant Lisa D'Amato wearing a crop top for an ANTM event.

I have very little doubt in my mind that this was, at least in part, done to be an “outrageous” stunt so D’Amato could gain press — look, it’s working! — but it is still pretty awesome, in my opinion. People get seriously critical and, of all bizarre things, grossed out by the stomachs of pregnant women. It’s not necessarily “brave,” per se, as I think that word is a bit overused for anybody who’s ever done anything remotely criticizable on a red carpet, but it is definitely different in a positive manner.

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    • Anonachocolatemousse

      I have no idea who she is, but I seriously love pregnant bellies. Good for her!

    • amy teil

      Well I’m also happy to see her smiling beautiful face! She had a really bad accident that required reconstructive surgery last year, she looks great!