The Ten Classiest Items From Rihanna’s River Island 2013 Fall Collection

river-island12Hi haters! Try as you might to tear her down with your naysaying, Rihanna is back with a new collection of fashion disasters just in time for Fall 2013. No doubt the result of much hands-on product development by Ri Ri herself, the latest set of River Island clubwear is brimming with all the camo, crop tops, and Forever 21-ified hiphop wear your fancy heart desires. But with so many pieces to choose from, each garment more eye-catching than the last, which should you go out and purchase? Not to worry, for I have selected the ten swaggiest and most ladylike items for your shopping convenience. Of course, this list won’t be necessary if you just buy them all. #shoptiludrop

(Via Styleite)

Photos: River Island

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    • Adi

      I want that onesie so I can pretend I’m a Dr. Seuss character.

    • LynnKell

      All those cut-offs are meant for winter in Barbados, aren’t they?

    • Mizz

      weird, one day you defend Kate Upton for her slutty outfits, and then shit on Miley Cyrus and Rihanna for theirs… kinda hypocritical Gloss.

    • Joanna Rafael

      I love camo. I can’t hide it.

    • anna

      I could have gone my whole life without being reminded that shrugs existed. Or it’s equally ridiculous cousin the bolero, or anything I wore in middle school