Red Carpet: Lily Collins Premieres The Mortal Instruments In Cutouts

 Actress Lily Collins arrives at the premiere of Screen Gems & Constantin Films' "The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones" at the Cinerama Dome Theatre on August 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lily Collins, haver of a pristine face and good connections, stopped by the premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last night. We were going to Google “mortal instruments” and do two minutes of rote research so we could tell you what it’s about, but the first thing we saw was “high warlock of Brooklyn” and then we couldn’t read anymore because our eyes were spraying blood.

So, we’ll have to wing it: based on the title, we guess YA paranormal romance. With, um… well, vampires and werewolves are pretty overexposed so… angels? Shape shifters? Cat people*? Anyway, people love slight, sensitive, artistic teenagers fucking not fucking vampires/angels/cat people. So that’s probably what the movie’s about.

As for her premiere look, Collins wore Cushnie et Ochs:

 Actress Lily Collins arrives at the premiere of Screen Gems & Constantin Films' "The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones" at the Cinerama Dome Theatre on August 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Look, every once in a while you have to draw a line in the sand: cutouts are dumb. That’s where we’re at.

Which is not to say they can’t work–they can, occasionally, to pretty great effect–but for the most part, they are the dominion of the tasteless, the slavishly devoted to trends and the deeply desperate for attention. They are, after all, a clever way of reminding people that you have a body underneath your clothes and it is, indeed, very naked.

Ugh. So, yes, Lily Collins, we see that you are naked under there. Alas, we also see pointy white pumps.

And while we are crazy about her eyebrows, the makeup is a little less “updated grunge” and a little more “fullblown The Craft.”


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    • LynnKell

      Nope. The whole ensemble is way too much. Ugly make up, ugly dress, ugly shoes. NO, NO, NO.

      P.s. The books are addictive. Teenage fantasy drama, but the addictive type.

    • Cee

      I doubt I can pull it off, but I am liking her lipstick. And of course her eyebrows are divine,as always.

    • Fabel

      The awkward length is really bothering me more than anything.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      The rippling is what bothers me most, I think. It is reminiscent of toilet paper.

    • tomi

      this whole look is a win. you’re all tripping!

    • Theres fucking in this comment

      You are fucking nuts. Lily is amazon and your blog FUCKING sucks.

      • Same person who posted


    • Worthless blog

      How can she “STOP BY” her own premiere you stupid ignorant blog. Get your facts straight. You also wrongly described what it’s about. I’m sorry your worthless blog, is exactly what it is. A worthless blog.

    • Me

      Lily is fabulous, and the high warlock of Brooklyn would approve.

    • guesswho

      I just read a whole load of bullshit.

    • littleshadowhunter

      Oh my god. Your blog sucks. You’re fucking stupid. You’re a mundane. This is so stupid.

    • guesswho1

      Mundane blogger.

    • lily

      I honestly hate this blog. You’re bloodly awful! The TMI & TID books are amazing.

    • wuutttt.


    • Anon

      This is what happens when you give a mundane a blog!

    • Sophie

      Your blog sucks. Lily looks fabulous like always and maybe your just jealous. But don’t hate on the people we love, mundane

    • Shadowhunter

      Hmm seems to me that your A FUCKING DUMBASS how are you gonna criticize the movie or book when YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT!! Lily collins is a beautiful successful actress on hollywoods top actresses and look at you, sitting at home writing hate posts. Your pathetic and a horrible writer with your choice of words

    • All_infected

      Why don’t you read the book then judge! I hope a duck attacks you, you stupid mundane

    • lucy

      This is a false blog, like nothing in this blog is real!!
      Conan tell its written by a mundane!!!

    • Catty_Girl_

      The stupid mundane that wrote this blog ahead no taste what so ever and has no respect for the super natural romances! The bloody blogger doesn’t even know what the mortal instrument city of bones is about and is trying to dis it! I say see the movie and ignor this low life!

    • MaCaylie

      Whoever wrote this is a dumb ass mundane. Lily Collins is beautiful and amazing! You don’t know anything about the books obviously. Educate yourself before posting about things you know nothing about. Smh. Mundanes are so stupid.
      Shadowhunters, taking down mundane blogs a since 1234 ;)

    • YourRobot

      Get your facts straight before just going around criticizing stuff. Mundie

    • A Very Smart Person

      Ok, you haven’t seen the movie, you haven’t read the book, and you know nothing about Lily so you have absolutely no right to judge. Lily looks as beautiful as always in this dress.

      I’m going a rant here because you’ve said a lot of stuff that isn’t true. Second of all, YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FREAKING BOOK. The book was amazing, a fantastic blend of action, romance, and even humor. Cassandra Clare made a new world for a lot of people escape and fall into. Her work is beautiful. And who are you to decide that people want ” slight, sensitive, artistic teenagers ” ?!?! All my favorite books are composed of tragic romance, supernatural worlds, and other things that I can entirely escape into from my normal and ordinary life. And I know just over a million people who would agree with me. You obviously have horrible taste if you like reading things about sensitive, artistic teenagers. The characters in my books are feisty, vulnerable, impeccably beautiful, dashingly handsome, charismatic, horribly evil, and so much more.

      You may have the mind of an elementary schooler, but the people I know and myself do not. Your review was wrong, and this book is amazing.

      Sometimes, you just gotta DEAL WITH IT.

      • sugarunicorn

        The book is self insert, renamed harry potter fanfic. Literally – Cassie Clare submitted harry potter fanfic to a livejournal community under the EXACT same name years ago. Come the hell on.

    • Bullshit blog. Sorry

      Wow. Just wow. Who are you to judge really? Are you rich and famous like lily Collins? No, just some silly person who talks non sense even if I am a fan of the books. You shouldnt be hating on people . Seriously you’re not 6 years old anymore, get our shit together.

    • nephilim

      dear clueless mundane that wrote this. please just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

      sincerely, shadowhunters.

    • w h i t l e y

      So just what the actual fuck makes you ink you guys can hate on lily? Because she looks better than you? Well thats a givin. And another thing, why hate on what she wears? Do people see you and just want to throw confetti because you look so damn great? Yeah, didnt think so.

    • You fucking Suck

      Whoever wrote this is stupid as Fuck. Lily looked fabulous, and it was because she was confident in her outfit. Who are you to judge anyways? Owner of a stupid blog that trashes famous people who actually have a life? Absolutely pathfucking m, excuse me, Fuck you because looking up a series like The Mortal Instruments on Google won’t fucking let you know what really happened, so screw you. Apparently whoever wrote this is fucking stupid because they actually believe that vampires/angels/cat people would be included in a best selling novel.
      Oh, and ‘deeply desperate for attention’? You are the one you is looking for attention by writing this article. You think trying to make fun of TMI will get your stupid blog followers? Fuck you.
      Seriously, I am shaking in anger. Pathetic fashion wannabes like yourself are the people who never make it, because they fucking trash others outfits instead of making an articleon how to style it better or more comfortable.
      So go fucking Fuck yourself because hating on Lily doesn’t make YOU any more pretty.
      -a fucking pissed Shadowhunter.

    • Alexis H

      HAHAHAHAHA, these comments, OH MY GOD!

    • bwhahahaha

      Im sensing muchos ‘mundane’ here Ashley it appears youve angered the tweens x)