Could A Five-Minute Nose Job Spell Plastic Surgery Possibilities For You?

nonsurgical nose job

Sometimes I’m glad plastic surgery is so expensive and painful, because otherwise I might have done some weird shit to myself over the years. (At 14, I would have seriously considered permanent vampire fangs.) But as technology progresses, the expense and invasiveness of cosmetic surgery is going down.

The Daily Mail reports that nose jobs are now being done without surgery by injecting dermal fillers into the nose, which can be done quickly as an outpatient procedure.

“In the last two to three years – since I really perfected my technique – it has become increasingly popular,” Dr. Milojevic said.

He has reconstructed noses due to injury and “corrected” issues that bothered people, like bumps, flat noses, or crookedness. Brandi Glanville got one, which she calls a “liquid nose job,” and says doctors have to replace the fillers in her nose periodically to maintain the appearance. Regular nose job maintenance sounds like a huge pain to us, but it’s apparently still easier and cheaper over the long term to get regular aesthetic tune-ups than to go in for one giant, old-school, hammer-and-chisel nose job.

“Rhinoplasty, the alternative, is much more expensive – and you need to take time out of work too, which can cost you money. It’s really radical surgery: a  hammer and chisel are used on the face and the recovery time is very, very long,” Milojevic said. “All of this is turning people to easier, quicker, less time consuming and more affordable non-surgical procedures. Nose shaping using fillers is a five-minute procedure and you can get results instantly – and they can be even better than those with the surgery.”

If the before and after photos are to believed, the results look pretty great. The changes are subtle and don’t scream “Real Housewife.”

Then again, sometimes the results of plastic surgery are the best advertisement for staying natural. A recent study said surgery could only take about three years off but not actually make people more beautiful, and a few hours in a wealthy resort area could make anyone fear the effects of too many fillers.

But there’s always the lure of just a little bit. You know, just a tweak here or a slightly less deep line there. If it were easier and cheaper, would you ever consider getting plastic surgery? Honestly, I waffle, especially when I start to obsess over phantom nasolabial folds or water bottle wrinkles. In moments of weakness, I google fillers. If not for the price, I’d probably do it.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Facebook/Milo Clinic

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    • Cee

      Heck yea, I would! Id probably get a nose job, though I have this paranoia it will implode one day as I’m talking to someone or when I sneeze.
      I’d also like them to invent a mask that removes all facial hair minus your eyebrows and eyelashes so I never have to worry about my fuzzy mustache and the couple of chin hairs I get. I hate tweezers.

    • Angela Rivanera

      i had one of those fillings in my country and it hurts like shit, with the years my own nose absorbed it. not worth the pain…but it can help you visualize the results of a nose job without going all the way

    • Rachel

      Nose job: Yes, please.

    • dissolvedgirl

      No way. I’ve never seen anyone look better from plastic surgery and believe we should all grow old gracefully and accept ourselves for who we are. Issues about the way we look are often a lot more deep-rooted and changing how we feel will take a lot more than surgery.