Party Favors: Can’t Say I Disagree With You, Ms. Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is fed up with Twilight. -ET Online

Which colleges read the most? I don’t know, it’s college and Sparknotes exists.  -Flavorwire

Wait, men still pay for dates? Why have I been splitting this whole time? -Nerve

Football players are too slow to condemn rape.  -Double X

Apparently, superhereos are just for boys. -BUST

A little marriage advice.  -YourTango

A drastic haircut means drastic life changes. -Ladyish

Don’t overpay for your organic goods. -The Stir

11 years in Guantanamo without being charged with a crime. -The Hairpin

Here’s a letter telling you that I didn’t ask for those dick pics. -The Frisky

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