8 Things I Would Rather Have Than Labiaplasty

labiaplastyBritish women are not happy with the looks of their vulvas. According to the Daily Mail, labiaplasty procedures have more than doubled since last year and they’re now the third most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.K.

“Growth for such specific treatments as labiaplasty is usually driven by increased consumer awareness,” said a spokesperson from surgery search engine Whatclinic.com, who seems to be using “increased consumer awareness” to mean “media properties making people freak out about perceived inadequacies they had never previously considered.”

“Often, that’s down to coverage on TV show such as Embarrassing Bodies or in newspapers or magazines,” the spokesperson clarified. “The increase in interest in the procedure is particularly pronounced over the last six months.”

It can’t be a surprise that a show called Embarrassing Bodies would make some people feel insecure in theirs. And while there are certainly many reasons a person might want to have corrective surgery if the shape of their labia was negatively affecting their life, many of the people getting the surgery seem to have normal, functional vaginas that they have come to view as somehow inadequate or insufficiently attractive.

“All patients that I see are normal people. I will tell them that their anatomy is usually entirely within the spectrum of normality,” said Dr. Paul Banwell, who said he has seen labiaplasty requests at his own practice jump by 200 percent. “Sometimes there is asymmetry they want correcting or ladies will have very large labia which interferes with daily activities and intercourse.”

The average price of labiaplasty in the U.K. is $4,000. That’s a whole lot of money to spend for something you won’t see that often unless you’re way better at yoga than I am.

Here are 8 things I would rather have than labiaplasty:

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    • meteor_echo

      As someone who wants to have labiaplasty, well, good on you. I’d still rather spend all that money to reduce my asymmetrical labia and stop having to worry about whether a new pair of underpants will chafe me down there.

    • Nixifer

      My insurance covered it because one lip was an inch longer and would chafe and rub and just generally get in the way or moving around. I remember crying in the shade of a tree on a hot summer day because my labia from raw and irritated walking a couple miles. The thing had to be kept rolled up and tucked in between my outer labia normally, but it just wasn’t working out that day.
      A lot of women get down on labiaplasties but there are legit reasons for getting them. Even though mine bothered my physically it was a also a huge source of insecurity when it came to getting intimate. It would also pull and get pinned INSIDE me by
      partner’s penis during nighttime activities, and then it would pull until it was unstuck.
      It’s a massive annoyance for anything like hiking or running, or doing basically anything active . I seriously doubt all the labiaplasty-naysayers have never had a legitimate issue with their labia.
      I’m am so happy that I got my snipped and stitched, most of the time I forget I even had it done. It made a huge difference in my active and sex life. No partner before the surgery ever mentioned it, but IIIII feel a lot more secure and comfortable because of the procedure. And honestly, that’s all that matters.