Bridal Party Boudoir Photos Are The Most WTF Wedding Trend Yet


Greetings, women. Would you like a keepsake of all the time you spent rubbing boobs with your girlfriends before a man came along and cured your invert sexuality with marriage? Bridal party boudoir photography knows that you would, and it is here to help.

According to The New York Post, this new trend in unnecessary wedding photos is getting bigger by the minute, with some businesses reporting a 50% increase over the past five years. That’s a lot of people who can get naked and make sexyface around their friends without laughing.

“Designed to empower women,” these photos are taken for many reasons, including “bonding and having fun with my friends” and “[gaining] the obvious element of strength and safety in numbers.” Because if you don’t feel safe doing something, the obvious answer is to get your friends to do it, too. It did not touch on the reason of “lesbians for attention,” so I’m going to assume the ladies are getting naked together in a purely platonic way that is less about sexual pleasure and more about being fully present in one another’s head space. Or maybe they just do a lot of Molly? Outside of what I opened with, this might be the only explanation that makes sense.


The Platonic essence of friendship.

Of all the types of photos people take around their weddings (engagement photos, “morning after” photos, bridal boudoir photos), this kind seems extra annoying, because it asks the bride’s friends to go beyond the long-distance travel and ugly-dress-buying that is the normal province of bridesmaids to something loads more permanent and embarrassing. I guess it’s nice to focus on people who aren’t the bride, but if that’s what you want to do, a custom dessert plate will do just fine, thanks.

(Via The New York Post)

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    • Charmless

      This is the perfect activity for me and my ethnically diverse group of friends with conventionally perfect bodies! Oh… and my sister, which isn’t the LEAST bit disturbing.

      • Jeremy Kester

        Also a great opportunity to be reminded every day that her maid of honor is the fit one #Ihatemyselfandhavethisphototoremindme lol

    • Stacy Reeves

      I’m a photographer that does these often. I know it sounds totally insane, but it’s actually really cool. It’s certainly not for every bride or every bridesmaid, but for the right people, it’s an incredibly empowering experience.

      Generally what happens is that the bride and her bridesmaids sign up to do individual boudoir sessions as gifts for their husbands and boyfriends (or just for themselves). They rent a big hotel suite, and they have one “party room” where everyone is chatting, drinking, and hanging out, and then a “shooting room” where the photographer takes turns doing the individual sessions. Then, at the end, the photographer takes a couple of big group photo.

      A lot of girls are very insecure about their bodies, so to be gussied up in hair and makeup and cute lingerie and have all of your best friends around you cheering you on and telling you how amazing you look and how sexy you are, combined with getting some beautiful images of yourself, can be a very powerful experience for those women. It can make them feel beautiful and sexy in ways they never thought they could. If they felt silly or embarrassed trying to be sexy on their own, having their friends around them doing the same thing really makes them feel confident.

      I know it gets more hits to make it sound absurd and stupid, but as someone who has seen this be a beautiful experience for a lot of girls, it’s worth defending.

      • cath

        AMEN STACY!Empowering is the PERFECT WORD! It just so happens that I did this exact activity just 2 weeks ago and it couldn’t have been more fun. We went into it w/ an open mind and by the end of the photo shoot we all had decided that was the best part of the weekend.

        We are 6 successful women,ranging in all shapes and sizes,some of us wore scantily clad outfits and some of us wore plain ol’ t-shirts,which was just as fun! I take comfort in knowing I can run around in my undies w/ my friends and not think anything of it, I can rock my stretch marks and not be ashamed……

        I will go out on a limb and say that whoever wrote this article clearly can’t let their hair down!!

        Ladies,try it! This activity wasnt just about the bride,it was about the fun,the friends,and the excitement. BTW, our photos were amazing, we all looked like UNREAL!

      • Lisa Sweet Photography

        Maybe so, but you can’t say that EVERY shoot you do of these sort of parties turns out this way. Not every experience is the same for anyone and while some girls might be fine with doing a friends session… i can guarantee you there is that 1 or 2 girls hiding behind others and feeling really uncomfortable… very hard position to be in for those girls when “Everyone is doing it.”

      • Stacy Reeves

        If you’re so passive and unwilling to stand up for yourself that you allow someone to take unwanted naked photos of you without objecting, that’s your personal issue. It doesn’t mean the photographer or bride is a bad person and it doesn’t mean that a boudoir party is a bad thing.

      • anon

        Yeah, cause social pressure totally isn’t a thing and women need to be empowered by focusing on their bodies. Cause the body is the important part, right?

    • Gallilea

      Oh, vomit. Already, in this age of increasing narcissism and superficiality, brides are excluding close friends and relatives from bridal parties if they don’t have the right “look” for the wedding photos, because you know, it’s the LOOK of the photos that matters, not the PEOPLE in the photos and the closeness they represent– being with the ones you love most on your special day. This nudie pic trend just makes it MORE likely that brides will pick not those bridesmaids who mean the most to them personally, but the ones that look the most like Victoria’s Secret models, even if the women in question are, like, their roommate’s cousin’s boyfriend’s coworker’s landlord’s sister.

      • Lisa Sweet Photography

        I agree…. Being a photographer and doing boudoir with women in private has always seemed more about that 1 person. Usually those photos are either meant for their significant other or for themselves… but not something that you throw a party for and tell your friends to “just get naked in front of a camera for fun!” I think especially in a day and age where people are more insecure about how they look due to super skinny models and airbrushing… not too many women would be confident in who they are to expose themselves in such a way.

    • Cee

      Glob. No. It took me YEARS to be comfortable enough to very quickly change my shirt in front of a friend. Nope, nope. I am not a girl who is comfortable being naked around my, like, three friends.

      Weddings are adopting so many strange and even more expensive concepts: engagement photos, the sexy bride photo, wedding photos, and then trash the dress photos. That probably adds up to a down payment for a house!

    • Katie

      Guys, we should be excited about this because the only thing that could come next, naturally, would be groom’s party boudoir photos.

      • Vic

        You can be sure as sunrise THAT will never happen!

    • Thunder Road

      harmless fun for all!

    • K Landoni

      For when you want your wedding photos to look like a promo for a short-lived 90′s female ensemble comedy.

    • Michelle

      okay so the toplessness is weird. agreed. annnnd really not sure what this has to do with weddings at all but what girl doesn’t want to look like she’s a part of a cute girl group with her friends – as a photographer i’ll pretty much always be a relentless defender of an excuse for more photos – more on why i like them so much, here:

    • Sam Hurd

      This is not an actual popular thing. Move on and stop paying attention to eccentric articles.

      • jamiepeck


    • Steph

      My bridal party consisted of my brother as my “Man of Honor.” Ick.

    • Observer

      Why are they ALL on their tippytoes?

    • Denise Elizabeth Adamo

      OMG…This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!! Who the heck wants photos of yourself and your 4 best friends naked together or topless??? Who came up with this? Boudoir is empowering, a self esteem booster and a great gift to yourself and your man. I doubt having intimate boudoir photos taken with your friends will ever take off!! LOL BOUDOIRPRO Artistic Images Photography-Boudoir by Elizabeth Los Angeles CA