20 Surprisingly Stylish, Cool Pieces From Uncool Places


A very illuminating conversation recently took place at Gloss HQ–we won’t name names, but several staffers actually own Aerosoles. And they love them! This revelation made us wonder, “What other cool things are we missing from uncool places?” Surely there’s some manufacturer of mom jeans making killer high waisted styles or some forgotten embarrassing mall brand that churns out the occasional awesome dress?

Which brings us to our shopping guide: we found 20 stylish pieces in some pretty uncool places (or at least ones in need of rebranding). Take a look and then tell us what brands you’re embarrassed to love in the comments.

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    • http://maggiesquires.tumblr.com/ Maggie

      Dying for that Hera dress, and I never ever ever thought I’d want anything from Lily Pulitzer.

      • Penny

        Exactly. I was stunned!

      • Katie

        I’m pretty sure Sookie wore it in the last few episodes of True Blood this season, in case anyone was wondering. They probably weren’t.

    • Kate

      I bought those horse boots in 2010 for $13 at a sore in bushwick to wear my last day at Whole Foods. They were too small though.

    • Holly

      Okay, Lilly Pulitzer is not uncool!

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        Who thinks Lilly Pulitzer is cool? WASPs?

      • JP

        Lots of people in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs…which, to be fair, is kind of WASP heavy.

        So, yes. WASPs, and Penn students.

    • Natalie

      I really liked so many of these things! And great for my grad school budget actually. Into it. Good article. Thanks The Gloss. I might go buy those old navy jeans and some of those shoes. Also,the burlington coat factory in my area is gigantic and has an amazing amount of calvin klein career dresses (that fit me perfectly) for 39.99. So I love them for that.

    • Geri

      People frequently ask me where I bought something and then look so tragically disappointed in themselves when I say J.C. Penny’s.

    • Katie

      One of my favorite past times, besides commenting on week old online articles, is to go to piperlime.com and look at all their expensive awesome stuff and then go to the old navy or gap website and make the same outfits for way way way less. And most of the time I think of old navy as not fashionable…

    • Joyfee

      But where does one find the actual lady’s embroidered smoking JACKET? That’s what I’m always on the hunt for …