Head Size, Root Length: The Shocking Things Guys Notice First

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Women are constantly being told that our looks exist for the consumption of men, and what men like should be taken into consideration when we make our beauty decisions. Generally, we think that’s horseshit and that women should wear whatever the hell they want. If a woman’s short hair or Ruby Woo lipstick makes a dude not want to fuck her, that’s his business and should probably be kept to himself. Articles about “Your Nail Art Is A Boner-Killer” tend to annoy us.

Of course, if a woman is particularly interested in attracting men or does not feel invested in her style as a means of personal expression, that’s totally fine. But among the many problems with these types of articles is that dudes are all as different as women are. They don’t necessarily agree on what they like, so these “things guys notice” articles are always more about how to appeal to a specific group of 2-5 surveyed individuals.

But Harper’s Bazaar UK’s new article about what men say they notice first about a woman is noteworthy because the things the guys said they noticed first were all just so bizarre. Head size? Really?

After hearing that men never notice eyebrows, even on Cara Delevingne, the Bazaar editors asked the guys at Esquire UK what men do notice about women, and the results were so weird we wondered if maybe dudes really have been preoccupied with toenails this whole time, so we went out and acquired a test dude of our own to see if he agreed with the Esquire men’s list. He didn’t.

The Esquire dudes noticed:

1. Feet and toe nails. Imagine if Cinderella had had a bunion? The Prince would have run a mile.

“Feet? Why feet?” asked our test dude. “Who cares about feet?” Maybe the Esquire guys spend a lot of time looking down.

2. The size of heads. Sorry ladies. We can’t blame you for this, and God knows enough of us suffer from it too, but a giant head, as Chandler in Friends once discovered, is deeply distracting.

“Nope,” said the test dude.

3. When roots need re-dyeing. You obviously wanted to believe you were blonde / red / not grey once. So do we.

“What’s wrong with people?”

4. Ears. Specifically: giant piercings. We want to look at your face without wincing.

“Piercings are cool,” said the test dude.

5. Teeth. No one expects a Hollywood smile – we are British, after all – but fur is unacceptable.

“I would only notice a woman’s teeth if they were somehow really unusual,” said the test guy.

Out of curiosity, we asked if he’d ever notice eyebrows like Delevingne’s.

“I’d notice eyebrows if they’re somehow extreme or unusual, like if they’re very thin or very thick,” he said. “I’d notice eyebrows like Laura Prepon’s on Orange is the New Black.”

Via Styleite/Image: Netflix

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    • Cee

      “We want to look at your face without wincing.” How sweet.

      • Liz

        I kind of want to make it my new life’s goal to make people wince by looking at my face regularly.

    • MR

      Her daily smile, and is it natural – yeah, distinguishing that correctly is the hard part – but for me it says so much about a woman, and how she approaches life.

    • stud

      Definitely the bum

    • Kitty

      Phew…head size is not? That’s great! I have a big head and big hair. Haha LIKE I WOULD CARE – if a man is bothered by my head size, I definitely would NOT worry about his. Or the rest.

    • Justin T

      What a waste of space. The things men look at in order are:

      1. Whether you’re looking a us
      2, Whether you’re smiling or scowling
      3. Your outline (read: boobs and arse)

      There aint much else that matters

    • Just_Call_Me_Loathesome

      Feet absolutely matter. Girls know their feet are sexy, which is why they spend hundreds every year on pedicures and lotions. And taking the trouble of putting an Armor All shine on their toenails is not done because they like it – it’s because we (guys) like it. And I am not afraid to say that I like it.

    • Bruce Howell

      It’s all about what glows from within.

      • Lucidz

        You notice what glows from within from across a crowded room? You have x-ray vision. Congrats.

    • Lucidz

      This article is not titled correctly. “head size, root length” the things the guy notices if the things he cares about already meet his standards. No one is going to be like “You know what, she had the body of a troll, but her roots were immaculate.” Or “She had 12 fingers and 12 toes but her head was the absolute correct size, so we’re good.”