Kelly Osbourne Cuts Lavender-Grey Hair Into Incredibly Cute Style

Kelly Osbourne hair

I have not necessarily always been a fan of Kelly Osbourne, she of the bizarre celebrity feuds and the $250K nail polish and the apologies for the $250K nail polish. But I have to admit one thing: I am very, very in love with her hair color. At first, I thought it was a silly phase that would simply stay as long as people were still doing the pale colored hair trend; I can admittedly be an awful snob about weird hair colors and it is definitely one of the only areas in fashion I wind up being a little pretentious about (I’m sorry! I know it is dumb).

Well, Osbourne’s hair is apparently here to stay for a long time, as E! has her under contract to keep it for her show Fashion Police. Lucky for Osbourne, she can still chop it into adorable trims. On her Instagram account, she revealed a lovely new ‘do with blunt bangs:

Kelly Osbourne bangs


Oh, Kelly Osbourne, you are 100 percent making me want to bleach my hair, dye it back to blue and chop it into such an adorable style. And get cat eye sunglasses, which I do not have. And look cool in cat eye sunglasses, which I cannot do.

What do you think of Osbourne’s new hair? And, in general, how are you feeling about purple-grey/blue/etcetera hair these days?

Photos: Getty Images and Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram.

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    • Alexis H

      I love her hair, but I still don’t love her.

    • Holly

      I don’t have any opinion on her as a person but I seriously love that hair. I wish I could pull it off. I don’t think I have the confidence or the coordinating style to do it, though. If I could have any hair color I wanted without risk of it not coloring well I would do so many different things. But at 32 and kind of outwardly boring and ridiculously introverted, I feel like it would be weird on me to others. Yeah, yeah, who cares what other people think? Apparently, I do, but I wish I didn’t. Anyhow, it’s gorgeous. I love all colors of hair, as long as it’s done well and maintained nicely. I wish hair color was like makeup and no one would bat an eye with the colors you chose.

    • Coach

      Unlike you guys, I am SO over the purple hair and wish she would do something else. Anything else. She is a beautiful brunette, why did she do this?

      • Holly

        I’m going to assume she does it because she likes having lavender hair.

    • Usual Suspect

      Omigawd .. what does the term .. “incredibly cute” .. even mean? Why do women tolerate people doing this stuff to them?

    • Cheri Astrahan

      She reminds me of the old lady down the street that used to dye her poodle the same shade of pink as her hair. Shudder. It looks fake and makes her look way older that she really is. Maybe she should go back to brunette with some red streaks or something that doesn’t look like she came out of a bad anime comic book.

    • Bonney Newer

      Finally Kelly, You look like something.

    • Mocking Bird


    • Mocking Bird

      Really Fugly!

    • Soozieqty

      She’s ALWAYS gorgeous!

    • val55

      Looks like a wig to me.

      • Gordis85

        I think so too…the bangs look fake.

    • kal98

      oh the drama quit buying these peoples, in her case her dads cd,s and other stuff they sell instead invest in your own life.

    • Donna G

      She’s a very pretty girl, I’m not crazy about the purple, but hey.
      That last pic looks like Lindsay Lohan!?? I wish she would dye it back to a more natural color.

    • Beaugard Stevens

      I just HATE it.

    • Amanda

      I wish with all my heart and soul that I could cut my hair like this and dye it all hot pink or cotton candy pink, but I have neither the guts nor the money. Plus, I’m not allowed to for work purposes.

    • Caligyal

      It’s ugly… lose it already, coz we’re tired of looking at it.

    • scott

      I have a picture of my dog with sunglasses on his ass that looks better than that

    • manny

      she’s ugly for me….i really don’t like her at all, sorry, but so pony like her Mom…very…very..plastic attitude to me..just because they have money, that is why they can afford to pay the media…ha ha ha…

    • Marycat

      Big head, chubby cheeks, purple hair..not a good look and the clothes she wears on that (who’s wearing what). With Joan Rivers, Kelly has bad taste!

    • Bella

      I’ve never cared for her purple hair. In fact, it makes me wonder what her qualifications are to be on Fashion Police? Her purple hair is too dull for her age. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, we used to visit a very old aunt who had the same purple hair color and her house smelled of…well, old people and smoke. I don’t know the girl and have no personal opinion of her.

    • katherine

      the 2nd picture doesn’ even look like her-ck the lip shape, the nose, the thinner cheeks!
      it’s not her!

      • Zora

        It’s her. Look at the eye brows and the shape of her nose. Yes her cheeks look thinner, and her lips look blown up but it looks like she’s sticking her lips out and sucking her cheeks in….

    • christine

      still looks stupid, like her I guess

    • Lou

      not many people could look good like that, and she defintely does — though I have to think there are better colors for her…

    • Kay Winter

      The lavender is such old lady hair. You can’t do anything to make it look younger

    • Me

      LOVE her hair! It’s so wonderful to see that she has grown into a fashionable young woman.

    • Chloe Smith

      Incredibly cute? I don’t think so. Now, Halle Berry’s haircut is incredibly cute. Not digging the violet colored hair either. That second picture looks more like Lindsey Lohan with purple hair.

    • Jackie Moore

      She’s a pretty young lady, but the colors in her hair make her look old.

    • Brandy

      Mrs. Slocumbe did it first, and did it better.