A Brief History Of Nakedness (And Near Nakedness) At The VMAs

2002 MTV Video Music AwardsMuch has been made of one young female performer named Miley Cyrus stripping down to her flesh colored underwear at this year’s VMAs. This is pretty silly, considering nudity (or near-nudity) has been a time honored tradition of this particular awards show for some thirty years running. From Christina Aguilera‘s underboob to Marilyn Manson‘s pasty white butt, people have been getting their body parts out since the VMAs were but a twinkle in a Viacom executive’s eye. Here’s a small sampling of VMA nakedness through the years.

Photos: Getty, except where noted

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    • bear on the peaks

      once upon a time this country had great chanteuses like abbey lincoln, peggy lee, dianne reeves, dinah washington. now we have skinny no-talents who’s voices are manipulated by machines as they torture us with vocal gymastic practice. what the $%$ is wrong with this country anymore? countless bodies piling up in syria due to probable chemical poisoning and all the stupid u.s. media can report on is no -talent miley cyrus. mtv is opium for the masses as our culture crashes and burns. shame. shame. shame.