Are You ‘Quirky-Interesting’ Enough For Manic Pixie Dream Girl Dating?


Attention, quirky females! Have you been crying into your copy of Catcher in the Rye while listlessly strumming your ukulele because a depressed male protagonist has yet to make you a character in his self-actualization narrative? Then head on down to, where you can connect with all sorts of similarly intolerable likeminded people.

Created to help a self-selected group of “quirky-interesting” people meet each other and make “loveflutters” happen (or conversely, segregate them from the rest of the dating population), the site promises to make dating easier with “funky badges,” “Instagram-like effects” (“you’ll look ten times cooler”!) and “interest matches” based on the cultural references you use as a shorthand for personality. It’s not what you’re like, but what you like, right High Fidelity?

But before you get access to all that, you’ll have to pass a grueling quiz to see if you’re “interesting” enough that contains questions like “how many times have you traveled outside the country in the last six months?” (classist much?) “what do you like to watch on TV” and “would you ever go bungee jumping?” So, basically: are you a stereotypical member of the bohemian bourgeoisie who has watched one too many Zooey Deschanel movies?

I filled it out honestly, and as it turns out, I am not interesting or wealthy enough to date the many quirky princes of Loveflutter. Oh no! But it would still like me to help market it to my friends, which is sort of the equivalent of a guy rejecting you and then asking if you can set him up with your sister, but whatever.

Fortunately, I’m pretty sure the most interesting people are not the ones who feel the need to take quizzes about it and post their scores online, so I don’t feel too bad about being kept out of this club for special snowflakes. But if this sounds like you, by all means have at it. May your unions be quirky and childless.

(Via The Frisky)

Image: Loveflutter

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    • Tusconian

      Classism or not, who travels like that? I’ve been to 4 countries outside of the US and that took more than a decade (and is way more than most people my age….or most people). I suspect 2 of those also don’t count as “interesting” countries anyway. The people I know who can afford to travel overseas a lot, in addition to being old and married, also still don’t go abroad more than once a year because to afford such things, they have to go to their jobs. Much less up and deciding “I’d like to go to France, Spain, and Malaysia all before my next birthday!” This is not a site even for the working wealthy, it’s for….trust fund babies in small European countries with no friends I guess?

      • jamiepeck

        Yeah I went to Berlin last summer, but it still doesn’t count as it was more than six months ago.

    • Alexis H

      But wait, aren’t you a professional blog writer/recovering goth/event host/occasional exhibitionist?

      If you aren’t quirky and interesting, then who is?

    • Coriolis

      I just tried to take the test, and was denied access because I can’t sign in with Facebook. I don’t use Facebook (but not in an insufferable hipster way, I promise! More of an it-was-making-me-hate-everyone/i-really-have-other-things-i-should-be-doing way.) I guess I’m…toooo interesting? This is not the freak you’re looking for. Fail.

    • anna

      whoo 89%!

    • mikeyjohn35

      what Janet answered I didn’t know that you able to earn $4204 in a few weeks on the internet. right here

    • MR

      (?) You can’t see anything for real, unless your there for at least 3 weeks aka like what you two did in Berlin. Yeah, there is bigger than where you land. I think about new ways to get there all the time. Australia or Japan not crossing the International Date Line? – New York to Frankfurt, to Singapore, then to Osaka or Sydney? And more importantly how do you get back? But you never travel to such far away places alone. It’s been almost over 6 years now since I’ve been to either.

    • Alexis H

      I also want to point out that these are some pretty generic traits for being interesting. Would you bungee jump, play guitar in a band and go to tons of sweet gigs? You must be the most extreme bro in the whole accounting department!

      If you want quirky and interesting people, why not ask some quirky and interesting questions?