Under Butt Is Everywhere: On ‘She Really Shouldn’t Be Wearing That’


A fun way of shaming someone you know or don’t know is to look at their outfit and say: “she really shouldn’t be wearing that.” I hear this all the damn time, and it’s the socially acceptable way we’ve invented to say “that woman over there is fat and that clothing is made for thin people.”

Look, anyone should wear anything they fucking want, and it’s unbelievable to me that people think otherwise. It’s one thing to say “that outfit isn’t flattering on her” (although, who asked you?), but “she shouldn’t be wearing that” connotes entitlement. Specifically, a larger woman is not entitled to the same clothes as a thinner woman—she has no right to dress in the same style as her thinner peers.

There’s been a sartorial trend this summer along the lines of sideboob: the under butt. If you haven’t had the pleasure, under butt occurs when a woman wears shorts so short that the lower segment of her butt, or the under butt, is exposed. I don’t really see the appeal, but I also think women should be able to put whatever they want on their bodies and show their under butts as they please. Far be it for me to suggest that a woman should cover up just because I think something looks a little silly. Here’s the strange and surprisingly thing about under butt— it is the great equalizer of things to be judgmental about. For the first time in recent memory, I’m hearing “she shouldn’t be wearing that” about girls with conventionally attractive, slim bodies. We are equally judgmental about all women if they show too much of their asses. Step forward?

Clearly, we have no trouble demeaning women not just on the basis of size but instead because she’s a woman daring to expose her vulgar body. Can we just decide to throw out the phrase “she shouldn’t be wearing that” entirely?  Of course she should be wearing that. It’s clothing that she presumably bought from a store with money with the intention of wearing on her body. Whether we say this based on size or because too much butt is showing, can we just for fuck’s sake agree that people can wear what they want, when they want, and show as much of their butts as they want?

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    • Joanna Rafael

      I’m pro everyone showing as much butt as possible at all times.

      • Samantha_Escobar


      • Samantha_Escobar

        Oh sorry, I accidentally capslocked that. But I guess the caps is actually totally appropriate in this case, anyway.

      • June

        I am guessing you too show your butt as much as possible and looking like a hooker, huh? Has anyone asked you what you charge for an hour of services????

      • Joanna Rafael

        You couldn’t afford it.

    • AN

      I have a 17 yr old cousin who has her butt hang out of shorts. I’m not OK with that. Sorry if that’s too close-minded.

      • mary782

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    • Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak

      I have to disagree. If they want to wear that to the club? Fine. To the mall, to drop off their kids at school in the morning (yes, it happens every morning), or another place where children might be? No! That’s not okay. Certain places/times of the day (night) are not my business because children are (hopefully) not around. I should not have to explain to my daughter why “that lady’s biscuits are showing” in public/family places.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        They’re just bodies, and no part of a body is inherently vulgar. You make them vulgar by saying that an arbitrary body part is unfit for children. What if a butt was just a butt and we stopped telling children that certain body parts ONLY exist in a sexualized context, and that therefore, they’re bad and have to be hidden? Why can’t bodies and all body parts just be exactly that, and not something shameful we have to hide?

      • Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak

        The body isn’t vulgar at all. I’ve taught her that private parts are just that. Private parts are seen by me, rarely (if ever) her father, and her doctor. How can anyone tell their kids that no one should see or touch their private parts if people are walking around showing theirs purposely. I’m a big believer in modesty. In an ideal world, anyone could wear whatever they want without the unwanted attention. Unfortunately, we live in a world where camera phones, Facebook, Instagram, and other public forums exist. A picture can be taken without a person’s permission and uploaded without their knowledge. Those are just a couple of reasons why showing underbutt among other body parts are not a great idea. No one has to agree with me; this is my opinion about what I see.

      • Evenaar

        So basically in an ideal world people wouldn’t get unwanted attention for how they look, but since they do, it’s ok to give them unwanted attention by telling them what they shouldn’t wear?

        I think it’s perfectly fine to have some rules for what your own kids wear, but they can just as easily learn about rape and unwanted attention while seeing naked body parts around. It will not confuse them nearly as much as the conflicting logic of ‘cover up so you are respected.’

      • Vivi

        Well said, Dorothy!

      • Vivi

        I also am 100% for MODESTY!
        especially at church where I am so tired of young teenage girls wearing booty shorts and tank tops to attend mass!! It is soooo disrespectful! They should be ashamed of themselves looking like trashy low class hookers!

      • Tusconian

        I don’t agree with her reasoning, but I also don’t think that everyone should just wear everything all the time. Certain situations call for certain clothes. Granted, I think this about everything, not just revealing clothes, but I think a certain population prioritizes looking trendy, sexy, or comfortable over respect for a situation or other people. You shouldn’t wear bright pink latex booty shorts to your cousin’s Catholic church wedding for the same reason you don’t wear dirty sweatpants or your white prom dress to that same event. I think some people prioritize the attitude of “LOOK AT ME!” or “I can only be comfortable if I am a slob” over respect. That said, in certain context, even with children present, it’s just a matter of taste (the store) or perfectly fine to have body parts hanging out (the public pool). And wearing certain things would be too much.

      • Bob

        Oh the mellenials. Oh the metrosexuals. Oh if people only had to work for a living instead of sitting around a computer all day in their underwear writing about Miley’s butt. This article is written for the millenials by the millenials about a millenial. It is a very intellectually challenged generation.

      • http://thekimberlydiaries.com/ the kimberly diaries

        I think there are two different issues here – body snarking and dressing appropriately. While I agree that body snarking is wrong, I do think it’s inappropriate to have part of your butt showing in public at places other than the beach or maybe a nightclub the same way it’s inappropriate to wear sweatpants to a wedding. By your logic, everyone should just walk around naked, because what’s wrong with that?

      • Vivi

        Ok, then so according to what you are saying then don’t hide your body and just walk around naked and don’t even bother buying some clothes!
        Don’t be ignorant! Yes, we have bodies and we should cover up and be embarrassed to show tooo much skin to strangers! So grow up and go shopping for clothes ok, Julia? enough said.

    • Ali C

      I would say that I don’t need to see anyone’s cheeks hanging out on a daily basis–no matter what size they are. I don’t think I say that any more or less (to myself, not out loud to others) to any particular size of woman. I just don’t care to see everything God gave you…

    • Catherine

      What I don’t understand here is why people are criticizing Miley’s butt…she has a nice butt, people just aren’t used to the high-waisted look.

      • Vivi

        Miley is a low class troubled messed up in the head broad! and sadly, most teenage girls want to look and act like her! Oh the grief! and how disgusting!

    • KathleenCat

      All I am saying is there is a point where shorts turn into panties.