Did This Woman’s $30K Transformation Into Pamela Anderson Pay Off?


Another person has spent a dillion dollars to look like a slightly melted version of their favorite celebrity.

A 28-year-old “model” from Liverpool, England named Carolyn Anderson has made The Daily Mail for spending over 20,000 British pounds (or about $30,000) making herself over in the image of American pop cultural icon/radical animal rights activist Pamela Anderson. I must admit, the results are pretty uncanny, at least from a distance and in the right lighting.

Known as “the Scouse Pammie,” this intrepid hobbyist has been hell bent on transforming into Pam since she was a teenager, dying her hair and getting breast implants and other procedures to look like the buxom bombshell:

As well as getting Botox, lip fillers, teeth whitening and false eyelashes applied she regularly injects herself with Melanotan II, an unregulated tanning drug, and has been using sunbeds since the tender age of 10-years-old, now spending up to 15 hours a week in her father’s sunbed shop.

Following a chest augmentation in 2004 she has twice suffered with exploding breasts as her DD implants burst under sunbed lamps. The model needed seven operations to repair the damage but that hasn’t stopped her pursuing her idea of Pammy perfection.

Just a regular, sane, modern, empowered woman, doing a hobby because it is fun for her. It’s important to have interests and passions!


She explains it all started when she watched Baywatch as a teen and thought Pamela was the most beautiful person she’d ever laid eyes on:

“I used to watch ­Baywatch growing up and thought she was beautiful. I was delighted to think I looked like her. I became a bit obsessed with her in my teens and rewatched all the Baywatch shows. I just think she’s great.”

Her dad, who owns a bunch of beauty salons, also had something to do with it:

“When I was about 14, he was the first person to tell me that I looked like her,” she says. “I was so flattered because she was one of the most well-known blondes in the world at the time, and I loved her. I had books on her and I’d watched Baywatch since I was little, although at the time I didn’t really want to be her.”

“Hey kiddo, have I ever told you that you resemble a woman most famous for being someone men like to look at when they masturbate? Why don’t you run with that.”

But lest you think she’s shallow or looks obsessed, what she really admires is Pam’s inner beauty:

‘Any woman can have big breasts and blonde hair but she’s captured everyone’s attention for decades. It’s more than looks – she has charisma and intrigues people. That’s what I love and want to emulate.’

Clearly, the best way to emulate Pam’s deeper qualities is to spend all your money changing your outsides to match hers.

Of course, if she really wants to be like Pam, she’ll make a sex tape with Tommy Lee. He’s waiting. But in the meantime, she seems to be making decent money as a Pamela Anderson impersonator, leading me once again to question the decisions I have made up to this point.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photo: Scouse Pammie

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    • peleroja

      Courtney Stodden, is that you in there?

      • Alexis H

        That was my exact thought! She definitely pulls off Courtney.

    • Misenhammer

      Well. Her breasts have exploded before.


      That’s very horrifying?

      • LynnKell

        Isn’t it a heavenly signal saying “Nope, quit doing this shit to your body”?

    • keanesian

      I feel like she paid for the Pam Anderson and got the Ke$ha makeover instead…

      • LynnKell

        And Ke$ha is way more glamorous than that

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniella.sloane Daniella Sloane Alberts

      if she looks so much like pamela anderson, then why is her face totally covered by her stringy bangs?

    • Ash

      Pam Anderson is Canadian.

    • Charmless

      Am I allowed to snark her? I mean… this is pretty much begging for snark right? K… if nobody wants to read my shameless cattiness, please stop here.

      If she’s a model, I’m Kate Middleton. That broad can’t pose to save her life. Also, she should have probably invested in skin treatments instead of plastic surgery. Nice acne scars.


      • DreaTheGreat

        HA! Touche.

      • Misenhammer

        She is pretty much the worst poser ever, in every sense of the word.

    • gualm

      The western way – paying $30,000 to emulate the slutty look. She could have just located the local prostitute and got tips for free.

    • RhonDOH