Jennifer Lawrence’s New Toned Down Dior Ads Are Beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence new Dior campaign

Jennifer Lawrence‘s first round of Dior ads met a surprisingly lukewarm reception–surprising, of course, because since the actress’ Oscar win, she’s pretty much moved through a wall of praise and rabid adoration wherever she goes.

The first ads–a sober, mostly black and white affair shot by Willy Vanderperre–seemingly aimed to play on the less seen serious and elegant sides of Lawrence. They featured a veiled, heavily Photoshopped version of the actress posing stiffly with the brand’s handbags–sure, she looked beautiful, but the ads seemed to minimize all the traits that made her America’s #1 crush.

While the next set of images aren’t exactly a laugh riot, they do rely more heavily on Lawrence’s stark beauty… as opposed to a digitally scrubbed and manipulated version. Which is to say, she looks beautiful:

jennifer-lawrence-3600x450Some media outlets are calling this is a “no makeup campaign,” and we’re here to tell you that is “obviously stupid.” While, yes, she certainly appears to be wearing less than last time around, no one sits in front of a camera for a fashion campaign without a face full of product.

The only odd thing about the ads is that the shot of Lawrence in profile appears to be pasted onto each side view:

jennifer-lawrence-600x450Good thing it’s a gorgeous shot.

(via People)

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    • Sean

      Could someone with Photoshop do a transparent overlay and zoom of the profile head onto any one other of the profile shots? I’m almost certain Ashley’s right and that’s the exact same head-shot on all of them.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Sure looks like it, right?!

      • LynnKell

        Yeah, I think the “original” would be one in which she’s carrying a bag on the shoulder and the middle one is cropped and photoshoped to erase the strap.

    • StephC12

      I don’t get how people can’t tell that she’s wearing makeup. No one has magically colored eyelids!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Or blush pink lips!

      • LynnKell

        Or crazy poreless skin and so many eyelashes you look tighlined!!

    • Juliana

      I agree about the photos in profile. The photo was definitely cropped and the strap was photoshopped out. She really DOES look gorgeous though, as always. Whether or not she’s wearing makeup, you cannot take away the fact that she’s a naturally beautiful woman.

    • Ashesela

      Hmm, I think these ads are beautiful! It looks like she is wearing the ‘no-makeup-makeup’ look, which makes her look fantastic!