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Fashion Week: 8 Essential Blogs To Follow For The Best NYFW Coverage

Best fashion week coverage

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, there are (literally) thousands of people writing about it at any given time. From the clothes to the makeup to the accessories to the colors and patterns and street style and drama, we know that it can be a little overwhelming to simply search “NYFW” and get entirely too many results. Wading through those is frustrating, so we did it for you!

1. Fashionista

Not only are the writers and editors over at Fashionista brilliant when it comes to style, they’re also super quick — an essential factor when it comes to choosing a place for your fashion updates. Here, you can find firsthand experiences of the shows, analyzations of trends and plenty of gossip. Oh, and street style coverage, but in a way that doesn’t make you want to claw your eyes out like most sites.

2. Man Repeller

Man Repeller is strong, smart and incredibly beloved in the Internet. If you’re seeking Fashion Week coverage that rounds up trends and designer news in a hilarious way, you’ll love MR.

3. Style Bubble

Solid first-person narratives about Fashion Week are fascinating because they give you more of an insight into how differently individuals view it. Of course, they also post about a million amazing photos that you’ll want to Pin ASAP, so for the image-obsessed, this is also a great site to check out.

4. Fashion Bomb Daily

If you want an all-around look at what Fashion Week is like, be sure to check out this frequently-updated blog full of awesome photos and commentary from the runways and the streets.

5. Refinery 29

R29 gives fashion news with a wink — you always get what you’re looking for, plus some awesome twist or cool commentary. The site’s writers are intelligent, hilarious and feel like you’re just listening to the stories of a super fashion-savvy friend.

6. The Fashion Spot

For fast updates, fantastic pictures and a special look at behind-the-scenes stuff, check out TFS. Plus, you can find predictions and inspiration for doing your own FW-inspired looks!

7. Style Defined

Desiring a look at what the super stylish of New York are wearing this week? You will love Style Defined, for which Katya Moorman chronicles all the coolest outfits on regular people (rather than just celebrities, as many sites do). Trust me — you will not only fall in love with the site, you’ll also feel inspired to take risks with your own outfits.

8. On The Runway

This section of the NY Times doles out updates that range from Tweets via models and designers to photos of the shows to explanations of all the stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Bonus: Us, obviously. I wouldn’t put us on the actual list because that’s just silly, but I will say that this year, you’ll be getting several very distinctive perspectives on Fashion Week. From Ashley’s seasoned eye for clothing trends to my anxious-but-experienced-but-mostly-just-anxious fondness for beauty (plus, it’s my first FW), we will bring all sorts of good, bad and ugly news. And pretty news, too! Oh, and we have some surprises up our sleeves when it comes to the weeks following the shows — stay tuned!

For all our Fashion Week coverage, click here!

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