Kate Middleton Wore Her Sparkliest, Most Princessy Dress Ever


We love a good sparkly dress. Some of us are wearing sparkly dresses right now, even those who work from home. The shimmery princess dress Kate Middleton chose for her first post-baby formal event pleases us greatly.

The dress was designed by Jenny Packham, who is starting to seem like Middleton’s go-to designer, and it’s a custom-made item that is rumored to have cost around $6,300.

Of course, the first post-baby evening gown is a momentous event in the life of every woman princess, so US Weekly made sure to scan for any sign of a remaining baby bump.

Those closest to the Duchess, meanwhile, have been marveling for weeks at her amazingly slim figure following the Prince’s birth. “A few weeks after George was born, you could hardly tell she had just given birth,” the source marveled to Us of the 31-year-old Duchess. “Kate’s still breastfeeding, and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She’s not dieting.”

Honestly, it’s Kate Middleton, so of course she looks gorgeous. She always looks beautiful and elegant and just fashion-forward enough to not look frumpy.  She doesn’t exactly take risks, so it’s not like she’s going to turn up wearing something weird and avant-garde and hideous. It’s just not going to happen. Trust us, we’ve sacrificed like 14 pigeons to the Gods of the Internet to make Kate Middleton wear Brian Lichtenberg to dinner with the Queen, and if it hasn’t happened by now we have to admit that it just is not going to.

But if she’s not going to show up wearing a freaky Gremlin skirt, at least she’s bringing her A-game when it comes to the sparkle.

Via US Weekly/Image: WENN


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    • Julia Sonenshein

      I want to wear that dress around my house and feel elegant while I try to eat spaghetti with a spoon.

    • Mguzman

      Kate is the world’s most beautiful woman…..she is always elegant and classy….an inspiration to all females. Some “Stars” in the USA need to take a lesson from Kate on how to dress.

      • Idiotic

        So do some “stars” all over the world, not just the USA. Love how citizens of other countries put down the USA but sure have their hands held out for our financial aid.

      • mylife51

        Well said. What they don’t realize is we have helped them immensly..yet they are so quick to ctiticize!!!!

      • mylife51

        She is NOT the worlds most beautiful women…there are plenty pther’s much more gorgeous than the Duchess. She just happens to be famous so the title automatically arises.

    • getitright

      OK..this is for ALL of those reporters……..in case you missed it….Kate Middleton is married….so why ,
      do you idiots keep referring to her by her maiden name??? You refer to her husband by his royal title….why do you NOT refer to her, by her royal title?

    • Ladylou007

      That dress is made to hide any imperfections from postpartum and it is just not flattering for her. She is too young and beautiful to wear such a matronly looking dress.

    • 12know

      Kate always looks wonderful.

    • anthony

      Kate defines Royalty no doubt in my mind, beauty and elegance.