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13 Tweets Proving The Burlington Coat Factory Has Fashion’s Most Brilliant Twitter Feed

Burlington Coat Factory Twitter

Guys, I think this may be the best retail Twitter account on the planet. To be fair, it is absolutely, definitely, totally fake, but still: the just-pretend Burlington Coat Factory Twitter feed is amazing. Posting under the account name “BurlCoatFactory,” some user has been posting the most blandly, inexplicably hilarious tweets I have read in entirely too long. They take being “in on the joke” to an excellent level and I am very impressed. And strangely in desire of a #coat.

Of course, just because it is fake and perhaps written by a 7-year-old should not matter to you. What should matter is that you will now be using the hashtags #DontForgetting and #YesIDoLikeCoatsBigTime because of course you will.

As a side note, I think it is fairly telling of how interesting the designers of high fashion really are that a fake Twitter account about a chain of giant discount warehouses full of coats and non-coats is infinitely funnier than any expensive brands’ heeds have ever been. If only clothing were priced in laughs…[Insert pretentious, underwhelmed sigh.]

Now, let us enjoy the hilarity that comes from that perfect combination of corporate obliviousness and The Internet, shall we?

[via Jezebel]

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