Royal Weddings: A White Peplum Dress For Luxembourg’s Newest Princess

Civil Wedding Of Prince Felix Of Luxembourg & Claire Lademacher

There was a Royal Wedding yesterday!

Prince Felix of Luxembourg wed his German girlfriend Claire Lademacher in a civil ceremony in Königstein (near Frankfurt). Guests included the groom’s parents–Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa–along with his elder brother, the heir to the Grand Ducal throne, Prince Guillaume.

But onto the important stuff: Lademacher wore a white silk dress with a peplum and knee-length hemline. There also appeared to be some interesting structure in the shoulders. She didn’t accessorize much beyond that–just some very bright gemstone earrings. Here’s the full look:

Civil Wedding Of Prince Felix Of Luxembourg & Claire LademacherThat is a voluminous peplum!

Here’s a back view:

Civil Wedding Of Prince Felix Of Luxembourg & Claire Lademacher

While our hatred of peplums is very well documented, we don’t really have a problem with this look. Maybe it’s the hemline that keeps things fresh? Or that the belt is an elegant touch (for once)?

Later this week, the couple will wed in a religious ceremony that sounds way more like a royal wedding: 350 guests will see them “joined” at the Sainte Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume basilica in the South of France, which is a really long name for a thing! After that, the bride will be whisked off to “a secret location” for the honeymoon.

And one last thing… here are her embellished heels:

Civil Wedding Of Prince Felix Of Luxembourg & Claire Lademacher

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Anonachocolatemousse

      Can I please have those shoes? Also her earrings. I think she looked great, I’m not a peplum fan either, but I feel like was subdued and not as “showy” if that makes sense. I wonder what her dress for the second ceremony will be?

      EDIT: The awesome shoes belong to her sister in law, who looked great in pink. But I still want them.

    • keanesian

      Wait. Did she change from closed front shoes to open toe at some point? Because I’m having trouble with the exposed pantyhose in the close up. But it’s not there in the long shot? Confused.

    • nic

      Yeah those are not her shoes

    • Mike

      Did Claire have pantyhose on with that dress? Hard to tell from above

    • Sacher

      Those heels remind me of the hats that Beatrice and Eugenie wore to Kate’s wedding.

    • Sally

      Pretty !