Whimsical Sparkly Hair Extension — For Your Butt

Tasha-Reign-42-500x333It’s obviously “Pick On The New Girl Day” here at The Gloss because my boss Samantha is making me write up these My Little Pony butt plugs for you guys. SORRY, they are NOT My Little Pony, they are Tasha Reignbow Pony Plugs, and I am so not sure why they had to change the spelling of rainbow. Is Rainbow trademarked? I have no idea. From The Crystal Delights webstore:

From the museum-quality ‘Signature Series’ collection by award winning Crystal Delights™ and the imagination of Adult Superstar Tasha Reign — Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plug is a whimsical handcrafted anal plug with a luminous twist of dichroic glass inside the center of the glass bulb, creating a dazzling Reignbow sparkle effect. Attached to the base is your choice of four vibrantly colored, flowing Ponytails.


So that’s why they call them REIGNBOWS! For the adult superstar they are named after!

I am totally loving all the usage os the words “whimsical” and “sparkle.” I suppose if one needs a sparkle reignbow pony buttplug to make their ass look like a sparkle reignbow pony than these are probably some pretty nice ones. The website does say they are museum quality. I’m just not sure you can find them at the MOMA giftshop.

(Image: Crystal Delights)

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    • Nikki

      The “museum quality” mention must be the way they are justifying the $125 price tag. Holy Moly!

      • http://www.bedroombondage.co.za/ Noëlle Steegs

        Crystal Delights doesn’t need to say “museum quality” to “justify” the price tag. Considering all the work that goes into making glass toys like these, it’s totally worth it. I’m a BDSM gear and sex toy consultant and you don’t want to know how many times I’ve heard people say they bought a cheap tail and the tail detached from the plug.. I always recommend saving up for a toy like this, instead of going for the cheap option.

    • Cee

      *sigh* Sometimes its hard to be a pegasister…

    • http://www.bedroombondage.co.za/ Noëlle Steegs

      As owner of a boutique store who recently started selling the gorgeous Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plug, I find it interesting how many people think it has something to do with My Little Pony. Of course there are some links, especially color wise, but the lovely Tasha Reign was indeed the inspiration for these unique tails.

      I know they are not for everyone, but personally, I’d love to prance around wearing a high quality tail with the color name Cupcake Queen.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/califmerchant#p/a/u/2/mS3zDLE_19s califmerchant

      JENNY LANDIS makes very high quality animal plugs:


    • Brokecollegestudent

      Is there a way to get one of these for less than $100?