Red Carpet Rundown: The Best & Worst Of 2013 Emmy Awards Beauty

2013 Emmy Awards Beauty -- Kerry Washington Claire Danes Lena Dunham

Just as with all awards shows, this year’s Emmy Awards were full of beautiful, wonderful and ridiculous looks. As per usual, there was a whole lot of side swept hair, soft curls and sleek updos. Actors’ makeup ranged from sexy to glamorous to entirely too overwhelming, so let’s take a look at some of the best and worst ones, shall we?

Best Makeup

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kelly Osbourne

I loved Kelly Osbourne‘s defined brow and lovely red lip that coordinated wonderfully with her dress and earrings. Her skin glowed beautifully, too.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Morena Baccarin

Besides looking wonderful in general, Morena Baccarin‘s makeup was spot on.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kiernan Shipka

At 13, Kiernan Shipka isn’t expected to be wearing a whole lot of makeup regardless, but there’s just a cute hint of pink blush and tinted lip balm that work so wonderfully with her outfit. I think I’m adding this to the “best” list primarily because it accompanied her outfit perfectly and was understated in the best possible way.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik isn’t somebody usually spotted on “best dressed” lists (not because she’s not great, but because she tends to play it safe), but I think her whole look was great.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Alfre Woodard

I’ve been such a big fan of Alfre Woodard since she was awesome on Desperate Housewives, and I loved her neutral look. A glowing, dewy complexion plus sheer berry lip color was a win.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Claire Danes

I loved Claire Danes‘ neat hair, but the red lipstick was so excellent, particularly because she left her eyes nearly bare sans a hint of sparkle.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Anna Gunn

The hair was a little “eh,” but Anna Gunn‘s makeup was so fresh and pretty.

Worst Makeup

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Sarah Hyland

I loved Sarah Hyland‘s dress, but the makeup was just too harsh.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Emily Deschanel

I normally like bursts of color, but Emily Deschanel‘s shiny opaque fuchsia lip color was awful.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling‘s hair was lovely, but the makeup was dated and overdone.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: January Jones

January Jones‘ makeup was a nightmare. And you know it’s sad when your imaginary TV daughter has infinitely better style than you.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kaley Cuoco

All hatred of The Big Bang Theory aside, I just couldn’t hand the ridiculous eyeshadow Kaley Cuoco wore. Her dress? Incredibly pretty. Her “I just learned what a smoky eye is” makeup? And then they added a pale pink lipstick? Eh, no thanks.

Now, how about hair? (As well as the ultimate worst and best beauty!)

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    • elle

      Michelle Dockery is fast replacing Britt Marling as my eyebrow idol (I know that sounds weird but I have really sad eyebrows and wish I didn’t). I think Elizabeth Moss looks beautiful but I’m still torn on Lily Rabe no matter how stunningly beautiful I think she is.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        It’s weird because I think Elizabeth Moss looked beautiful in movement but every time I saw a picture of her makeup, I disliked it again. Agh.

        (Also, I have always wanted beautifully arched eyebrows and I think Michelle Dockery’s are so much more attainable for me than the Megan Fox-esque ones I’ve idolized for years, so I totally agree on her as an eyebrow hero, haha.)

    • CMJ

      I still can’t believe there are makeup artists around that match eye shadow to an outfit.

    • Elizabeth

      Daaaamn, Christina Hendricks is so beautiful! Also, while I didn’t love Kristen Connolly’s dress, her hair was absolute perfection. Make my hair look like that, please!

    • Claire Kane

      Wow! You have Borrrring taste in make up. Kaley Cuoco fab! January Jones, fab! Sarah Hyland, fab and nothing harsh about it. Anna Gunn, boring. Mayim Bialik, not exactly award ceremony make up! more trip to the coffee shop! Make up is meant to be fun and interesting.

      • elle

        No Sarah Hylands face and neck look like they belong to two different people. It’s a terrible make up job.

      • elle

        Actually it would be more accurate to say face and chest since it looks like they took the foundation down her neck (and got really heavy handed halfway through).

    • Klee

      I thought Elizabeth Moss looked fantastic, on all other counts, I totally agree with you

    • Emily

      Lena’s makeup was definitely the worst. Yuck. Not many (if any) people can pull off emerald-colored eyeshadow, she should know she’s not one of them.

    • Alyssa

      I think the problem with Lily Rabe’s and Elizabeth Moss’ lipstick is that it doesn’t go with their dresses. Seriously, it’s important to coordinate when wearing statement lipstick! What you’re wearing can totally throw it off!

    • Jayjay

      In my opinion Elisabeth Moss looked great, her hair, make up and dress all worked, Lily Rabe on the other hand looked ill and washed out, although I do like her her hairstyle.

    • Charmless

      Sarah Hyland is freaking beautiful, but her MUA aged her 10 years with that horrible paint job.

      I’m giving Bones a pass. I think the neon lips look pretty with her eyes.