Could Your Cheating Husband Cost You Your Career?

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According to NY Mag, Huma Abedin‘s future career prospects might be negatively impacted by husband Anthony Weiner‘s exceptionally public and embarrassing infidelity. While it seems obvious to us that Weiner is the real nightmare here and this should have exactly zero impact on Abedin’s career, it seems like that’s not the case. It got us thinking, could a lower profile (normal) couple’s issues with infidelity extend into their careers?

NY Mag quotes an (obviously) anonymous source who claims that the ramifications of Weiner’s repeated cheating scandals will extend far past tanking Weiner’s mayoral ambitions and political career. Apparently, Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton‘s Senior Aide, finds herself in the position of having to choose between attempting to salvage her marriage or her relationship with Clinton. If this source is correct, than that means that Abedin may lose the opportunity to serve in a senior position for the potential first female president all because her husband couldn’t stop sexting with women in their 20s.

Obviously, Abedin shouldn’t suffer more than she already has, and it’s mind numbing that the association with her husband’s scandals would ruin her exceptionally promising political career. Unfortunately, people can’t seem to separate his actions outside their marriage from Abedin, and it’s likely she’ll carry that burden for quite some time.

So could this happen to a non-famous couple? Why not? People are jerks anywhere, and even the lowest profile, smallest towns have gossip mills that are in constant motion. It’s certainly not out of the question that infidelity could have lasting effects outside of the relationship, because people are assholes and will never let you forget what is certain to have been one of the most difficult experiences of your life.

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    • Sabina

      I always said it, and always will. DO NOT GET MARRIED. EVER

    • Cee

      The principal at one of my schools is a MAJOR cheater, however, I think everyone at least at the school takes such delight in it.

      Being in different educational environments for my job, I notice that people enjoy the IDEA of a “family” man or woman, but they LOVE to witness that same person whose family they met and whose spouse they know and find lovely have a dirty affair with a coworker. Its like they just like to watch the train wreck.

    • SkinnyDee

      what i find it disgusting are the hypocrites, haters and cowards who attack her for her choice to stay married. i am married to someone who cheated. he asked for forgiveness and its my decision to work towards that. it is not easy and yes his infidelity was very public and very humiliating to me. however we are committed to healing, being stronger – we deal with it daily and i am working on forgiving him. i chose to look at it as the “worst” of our for ‘better or worse’ vows because in our case it came after a huge crisis in our life. at the end of the day its my marriage – MINE.

      whatever the situation is for them why does the public insist on crucifying her judgement, her compassion or her love?

      perhaps she as his wife, as a mother and as a HUMAN believes in redemption, forgiveness and the power of love. i am no fan of her husband but i am huge fan of huma. she is grace personified. leave the poor woman alone. a man would never face this kind of scrutiny into his private life. its total bullshit.

      huma, i wish you peace and love. you deserve it sweetie.