Bro Questions Entire Female Gender After Seeing Before & After Photos Of This Woman

makeup before and after

In a post titled, “THIS PHOTO OF A GIRL BEFORE AND AFTER MAKEUP WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION ALL WOMEN,” Guyism published the images from Reddit above showing a woman wearing no makeup and having straight hair, then wearing makeup with curled hair. He follows up the photo with this commentary:

Women are much more than objects, obviously. But this photo of a girl before and after makeup? Basically a cheat code for life.

So it’s cool if women fundamentally change their appearance like this but if I put a cucumber in my pants and have to remove it before sexy times, I’m the fraud? Classic female hypocrisy.

Curling irons and lipstick = fraudulent devil’s tools! To be fair, the dude may be joking. This could just be a tongue-in-cheek post. Unfortunately, it is indicative of the attitudes many, many men have regarding female beauty.

For the record, the woman’s makeup involves brow filling, contouring, blush, lip liner, gloss and eye makeup. And her hair’s parted to the side and curled. That may sound like a lot to somebody who never uses beauty products or has a minimalist routine, but just for the record, models and actors are just about always wearing that much makeup.

So, three things:

  1. You know how lots of women feel obligated to wear makeup? They — actually, sometimes I — don’t feel attractive or even worthy of being in public if no beauty products are being worn. This does not happen to dudes, generally speaking, but I have a feeling it would if men were put under the same uncomfortable microscope every time we looked different .
  2. Some women just like wearing makeup. That is something they — actually, I, once again — like to do. We do not necessarily wear makeup all the time or even some of the time because we give a shit about anyone’s opinion.
  3. If your idea of all women can be altered by one before and after set of photos, I have a feeling your mind wasn’t too strong to begin with, so I guess I give up. BRB, pouring liquid latex all over my face and body because there’s no point in even trying to look good anymore. :(

Also, a huge percentage of “natural beauty” looks (i.e. all those “no makeup” selfies celebrities take) involve makeup, particularly coverup and contouring. They’re presented as lacking makeup, but no — there’s typically plenty of cosmetics involved. Bitch as you may about women “fundamentally chang[ing]” our appearances, but considering we’re told since childhood to have an incredibly specific look in order to attract men, get ahead at work and have people like you, is it really all that surprising that women use makeup?

I do know a lot of guys who think makeup is “cheating,” unfortunately (including the since-apologetic one who used to call it “whoreup,” which apparently rang nicely in his head). On the bright side, at least this writer apparently knows women “are much more than objects, obviously,” right? Eh, sure.

Images: Reddit, GIFbase.

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      Classic female hypocrisy. CLASSIC.

    • Elizabeth

      1. Beautifully articulated, Sam!

      2. I find before/after makeup pictures strangely fascinating.

      3. Before/after makeup pictures inevitably make me feel like I’m doing something terribly wrong with my foundation. Like, it doesn’t look like that! I must have missed something somewhere along the way.

      • elle

        Me too! What are they doing that I’m not? Honestly though I’ve given up on foundation and only wear BB cream…..hey Samantha (Sam? Which should I call you?) How about a foundation for dummies tutorial?

      • Elizabeth

        Yes please Sam! It’s so difficult. And it seems to be more difficult the worse my skin is being, which just seems unfair.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        You are all welcome to call me Sam! People only call me Sam IRL when they have met me through my parents :)

        I would love to do a foundation tutorial! For me, the thing I assumed would never make much of a difference besides on camera for years was primer, but now that I wear it every day, I have noticed how much smoother my skin looks. Part of it is also finding the right primer, because there are ones better for dry skin, red skin, dull complexions, oily skin, etc. and they don’t always match up. I think you guys have given me multiple tutorial ideas. :D you’re the best!

      • elle

        Yay! I must admit I have never tried primer but did notice you always use it in your awesome tutorials. I may have to go to the makeup counter and get some advice on which one to get

      • Claire

        Seriously, how the hell do they get it so smooth? No matter who does mine or how nice the products are I look like I have a layer of flesh-colored spackle on my face, with a forest of peach fuzz that pops up out of nowhere.

      • footnotegirl

        Sponges and/or brushes. I cannot say ENOUGH good things about the Beauty Blender sponge. Seriously. Foundation became a whole new animal of awesome after I got it.

      • JennyWren

        I’m wondering if it’s airbrushed?

      • Nick

        To be fair, a lot of these makeup things are tailored specifically for the camera, just like a drag queen’s makeup is tailored for stage lights (I have more experience with the latter).

        One of my lady friends once told me that she was jealous that I was a more “beautiful” woman than she and my response was: “You would not think that if you saw all this makeup in the day time!”

        The lighting that surround people during professional photoshoots and runways is very different from the lighting in an office or a grocery store and is more forgiving to wearing lots of makeup. It is much harder to make your face that smooth when the light isn’t shining that bright or directly in your face!

    • Charmless

      I don’t like how this guy is implying that the woman shown is a hideous swamp beast in the first photo. She’s still very pretty without makeup. Maybe she doesn’t have flawless skin, but who does? I fail to understand how this bro thinks she looks like a completely different person.

      I do want to reach into my computer and brush out her curls with my fingers. Figures I’d prefer the ponytail.

      • not-so-small-mercies

        Apparently he hates freckles.

      • Jeanie Jay


    • Alexandra Mitchell

      Well written, Sam! I stopped wearing make-up around my boyfriend after two weeks. Now when I do wear make-up, he thinks it looks weird and that I look more beautiful without it. My make-up use is limited because my skin is healthier without it. More make-up means more break outs, which means more make-up needed to cover it up. So I just skip all that crap!

    • Fabel

      Her eyebrows are fucking awesome, before & after.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        AGREED. So hard.

    • Desiree Evans

      Honestly, most women, outside of some sort of theater/showbiz/modeling career, don’t walk around with nearly this much make up on a daily basis.

    • footnotegirl

      So much for the “Why do women wear makeup? They look better without it!” BS almost every guybro I have ever known (including my brothers and my ex-fiance) always insisted. Often while having their arm around a girl wearing lots of makeup. And then gesturing to said girl and saying “See how pretty she is? And she’s not wearing any makeup!”

    • Jazmini

      I do not want a guy walking around with a cucumber in his pants, and I don’t think any of us really want or expect that “look” from a guy (and by “look” I mean creepboner). Not like using makeup at all.

      • Holly

        Exactly. Guys need to stop getting their info on what girls like by talking to other guys.

    • Landry

      well on the plus side, the model’s face takes AMAZINGLY well to makeup. You can tell in her non-makeup photo that she already has really good features that will make the makeup look good, cause sometimes if you don’t have the right features, it doesn’t matter how good the make up is, its just not gonna look right. And whoever did her makeup did one hell of a flawless job

    • Holly

      I wish my face looked even half that different when I wore a lot of makeup. I mean, yeah, most of the time I want to look like me, just, made up slightly, but I never really look very different, even when I really take a ton of time on it. Which is pretty much never. I think my face just absorbs it. Plus, I think I have bad eye shapes ( I say shapes because (fun!) they’re really different than each other) for eyeshadow. I love makeup, though. :(

    • Bill Colvard

      I thought she was pretty “before” too. What I don’t understand is how the makeup made her neck longer.

      • sarbanharble

        Thanks for pointing that out. I think one of the real problems here is that the author of this post, as well as most of the commentors, don’t realize when a photo has been digitally manipulated. This one has been.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I assumed she was sitting up straighter and at a different angle, given the position of the mirrors in each shot.

      • Kristie

        I’m wondering about her nose. It’s very wide in the first picture and very slender in the second. I know about contouring, but that it amazing work there. Or it’s PSed

    • Amy

      I think she’s pretty in both shots. But I don’t understand how she minimised her nose so much in the second one! Contouring is clearly some kind of magic that I really need to learn. Alo her shoulders look narrower and her neck seems longer and much slimmer (good posture?) and her seems a much deeper colour. That’s a pretty cool makeover.

      • Amy

        *Hair. Her hair seems a much deeper colour. Also, ‘also’ not ‘alo’.

      • not-so-small-mercies

        Re: Her nose – She’s on a slightly different angle in the after pic, but mostly through the magic of contouring.

    • Leah Hoffman

      I enjoy putting on makeup. I’m good at doing it. I love collecting different colors and trying different techniques. I can transform myself into a dozen different women, depending on my mood. My make-up routine is something I look forward to. If a man didn’t want me to have that choice it’s because he’s assuming that I don’t *really* want to wear it. I would not want to be with a man who would keep me from doing something that makes me feel good about myself and that is a whole lot of fun for me.

      To be fair, most men I’ve dated including my husband will admit that I look better when I wear make-up, and to that I have to agree.

      • “M”

        Are you in NYC? I have to get my face done for a photo shoot, and I don’t trust the photographer’s makeup artist because the last time a makeup artist got hold of my face, she made me look like Hillary Clinton (whose face she had done before) — which would have been fine, except that I’m neither blonde nor all-white (I’m mixed-race).

    • Roxanne Marie Zoltan

      The wizard pictured above is my new eyebrow hero.

      Also the only time I want to see a man walking around with a cucumber in his pants is in a hilarious Spinal Tap costume scenario.

    • Tusconian

      Men, I have some suggestions for you:

      1- Stop acting like women like the perfectly attractive woman in the “before” picture are ugly or “don’t take care of themselves” if you don’t want these transformations. I know, every guy SAYS he likes natural women, and those are usually the same guys I overhear insulting every woman who walks by wearing a ponytail, without her eyebrows plucked, 2 pounds overweight, freckles, one single zit, etc.

      2- I am actually pretty sure some photoshop is going on in the “after” picture, but if not, that is NOT the makeup most women wear on a daily basis. Notice that she’s in a salon, sitting down. Some professional is doing that for her, probably for a photoshoot, a pageant, etc. That is not what most women slap on in 15 minutes in the bathroom before work. The ones that do wear this makeup day to day, are aware they don’t look natural and assume (obviously incorrectly) that everyone else knows that. It’s a particular look. It’s not necessarily worn to entice men, and if it is, it’s worn to entice men who prefer that sort of look.

      3- The men who prefer that sort of look, if they ever marry or get serious, need to deal with the fact that you can’t go from “before” to “after” in 2 minutes with mascara and a swipe of lipstick. So, if you want your girlfriend to look like “after,” you will have to deal with the fact that a) it takes a white to do all that pancaking, curling, and contouring, and b) she won’t always look like that. I notice that married men or men with long-term girlfriends, even chauvinist pigs who expect their partners to wear pageant like makeup to prove they “take care of themselves,” are never the ones all SHOCKED and APPALLED by this….because they know that sometimes a woman is sleeping, just out of the shower, sick, too busy, or whatever to do a full face like this.

    • helena

      “Bitch as you may about women “fundamentally chang[ing]” our appearances, but considering we’re told since childhood to have an incredibly specific look in order to attract men, get ahead at work and have people like you, is it really all that surprising that women use makeup?”

      I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly! Im a woman, i grew up in the united states, and i am now in my mid-twenties, and i dont wear makeup. Never have and probably never will. I grew up in the same place as most of you women, and yet, im not worried about my appearance and how it will affect me negatively. Just because society tells us we must look a certain way doesnt mean we actually HAVE to do what society tells us. Of course i understand the previous point of some women liking makeup, but to say that because society said we should, we should, isnt fair. Who exactly is telling you you arent worth anything if you dont look pristine and perfect all the time? Its men, its photographers, its models, its photoshoppers. None of it is real, so why must you chase an ideal that isnt even exist? Please stop blaming others for why you feel insecure and cant go a day without makeup, its it up to us as women to empower each other and take a look at why we do the things we do.

      • TattooedLittleMiss

        You appear to be contradicting yourself. You want us to look at why we behave in certain ways, but when the author does just that, you accuse her of placing the blame elsewhere. Not everyone is as impervious as you appear to be and not everyone in the United States lives in the same culture or has the same experiences. There is no universal experience of being a woman. I don’t wear make-up every day anymore because, in my line of work, it would just melt off anyway and cause damage to my skin, but I also have acne and have had since I was a teenager and probably always will have. I feel painfully self-conscious working with customers and co-workers without anything to hide my breakouts (and I can’t afford a dermatologist to get it fixed, so don’t even). I grew up in a family where women who didn’t wear make-up, or wear the right make-up, or the right clothes, or the right hairstyles were ostracized. My dad was instrumental in teach me how to apply make-up: his sole purpose in buying me an adult make-up kit when i was nine so I could “practice” was so men would like me, but when I did practice, I was told I looked like a whore because I put too much on. He criticized my mother for not teaching me already how to apply and wear something I wouldn’t need. That doesn’t even begin to cover a corporate culture that often demands, as part of company dress code, that women wear make-up.

    • TattooedLittleMiss

      What makes me laugh about these sorts of comments is that it always comes to a cucumber. I am not a crotch-peeper. I know very few women who are. If you stuck a cucumber in your pants, all it would prove to me is that you have no concept of proper produce storage and enjoy wasting food. I wouldn’t accuse someone wearing a bulge enhancer (which they make, so leave the cucumbers in the crisper) of being a phony. I might wonder if he’d ever actually talked to a woman and I’d definitely assume he lacked sexual skills, since he assumes size is what pleasures women, rather than ability. The “improvements” women perform on ourselves shows no such ignorance of men.

    • Amberbangkokescort

      Such a great amount of for the “Why do ladies wear cosmetics? And afterward motioning to said young lady and expression “See how pretty she is?