Miley Cyrus Poses For Terry Richardson In Very Depressing, Very NSFW Photo Shoot

Miley Cyrus photographed by Terry Richardson

Oh, dear. Well, here we are again, guys. Talking about Miley Cyrus. Talking about Miley Cyrus and her gratuitous photos. Again. If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is an explicit shot of a sad-looking 20-year-old worth? Bonus points if you factor in the creepy old man who took them — naturally, it was Terry Richardson. Yes, that Terry, whom one of our own past writers described an alarmingly creepy situation with years ago.

In the pictures, Miley poses all over some New York City hotel room/gross apartment building wearing not very much clothing.

Miley Cyrus photographed by Terry Richardson

It’s like an American Apparel photo shoot, except…wait, no, never mind. This is exactly like an American Apparel photo shoot. The rest of the photos are in “Terry’s Diary,” including images of Cyrus sucking down ice cream and smoking cigarettes, so feel free to visit there if you want to feel like no soap can adequately clean your brain.

This whole thing is weird, because as much as I want to just ignore the crap out of this situation because one can do whatever she wants to do with her body, I can’t. Every time I look at photos taken by Terry Richardson — no matter whom his subject may be — I get sad. Why is he still working? I wonder. How does he still have friends? It is like in high school when the meanest kid with the cruelest sneer inexplicably still maintained a solid friend group. Except Richardson is an adult man (in theory, at least) with seemingly no gauge on appropriate, respectful behavior.

In this instance, I somewhat doubt Cyrus was mistreated for two reasons: (1) she’s doing the same poses she always does in just slightly less clothes than usual and (2) I have very little doubt that she didn’t have bodyguards with her. (Obviously, if she said she was mistreated, I would not doubt that for a second.) Regardless, I am still 100% opposed to Richardson getting — well, frankly, any kind of work. At all.

Photos: Terry Richardson’s Tumblr.

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    • Julia Sonenshein


    • Alexis H

      Is that a can of Four Loko? Is it sad that at this point seeing a can of Four Loko in 2013 is more shocking to me than seeing Miley’s outer labia?

      • CMJ

        It’s Arizona Iced Tea….I looked through the pictures (all of them, shudder).

    • LynnKell

      I read somewhere that she hates smiling for photographs. But, WHO THE HELL TOLD HER HER FUCKING TONGUE LOOKED WAY BETTER?????? I just can’t stand her tongue.

      I don’t dare watching the photoshoot, Miley is getting creepier and more tasteless by the minute.

      • Jackie Lynn Cobb

        I don’t know about her hating to smile for photographs, cause she has not ALWAYS stuck her tongue out like that. It’s stricty for attention, just like everything else she does.

    • JL

      Terry Richardson has taken some amazing photos. THAT is why he is still working. This whole site has gone to shit.

      • CMJ

        He’s also a perv which, to me anyway, outweighs any decent picture he’s taken.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        No, no, sexual harassment is okay provided you take cute photos for Tumblr beforehand.

      • jl

        Oh, I know that everyone at The Gloss hates Terry. I have been reading it that long.

        This site USED to be good, and about fashion, and fun to read. Now it literally is one big bitchfest about anything remotely ethnic or feminist, and the writers have gone.
        I am just one more reader who has no reason to come here anymore.

      • Cee

        Hey hey…its always been a bitchfest!

      • Samantha_Escobar

        We wrote about how much Terry Richardson is an asshole like three years ago. We’ve been writing about him being an asshole ever since. There has literally never been a time when we’ve thought he’s awesome.

        Also, you can do amazing things and still be a horrible person. Those qualities are not mutually exclusive, and the former does not give you permission to be the latter.

      • disqus_p7bzi0Fj57

        Yeah, blame the photographer for a twenty year old’s propensity for unattractive poses.

      • ChristopherH10

        If his career has been marked by systematic exploitation of young girls is it really the case that ON BALANCE he has done “amazing things”? Seems to me that this “horrible person” (your words) has done some rather heinous things, if the public record (of which his published works compose a significant portion) is any indication. This current photo set seems par for the course with Richardson.

      • Pablo Escobar

        At least he’s not a talentless cunt like Samantha.

      • Alexis H

        WOW, you’re taking this all pretty personally, aren’t you? Simmer down a little, buddy.

      • Maria Guido

        Flash photography with an amazing camera. Center the subject. Big whoop.

      • Cee

        Yea. Not many people can take pictures of celebrities against a white wall.

      • MarshalZhukov01

        Nah, he shoots like an amateur.

    • Nichole

      So besides her inabilty to keep her tongue in her mouth, she now appears to only be able to open one eye. This girl needs some help before her face gets stuck that way!

      • chelicera

        What is it with the tongue already?!

      • Liza

        The one eye is illuminati. Look it up.

      • Angela

        lol i do the one eye look just like she is doing, does that mean im in the illuminati, no that crap is fake hahah wow get educated.

      • MikeinLA

        Ohhhh…YOU do the “one-eye” look? How Miley Cyrus of you! Now it’s cool! I think we’ll all do it in your honor…you idiot.

      • Brandon

        I dont think that is what she was getting at dipshit. She was just saying she does the one eye look from time to time, and she is in no way part of the illuminati.

      • Angela

        thank you! ive always done that thing because i feel weird when i just smile in photos with my friends. its fun, its dorky, it has nothing to do with the dumb illuminati.

      • Felpaw

        illuminati are scientist and the greatest minds of our time …you thing Miley Cyrus is one of the greatest minds of our time surely you jest

      • Kathy English

        She probably can’t even spell illuminati.

      • Gio Taylor

        I don’t think any of you have any way of knowing if she’s in it or not, but there is no question that the one-eye thing is attributed to their group. Lots of popular artists do it, especially in urban and rap. there are several videos on youtube that talk about this. true or no, it’s kind of interesting.

      • Gio Taylor

        notice I never mention “it” by name, lol.

      • UTAH


      • tevra

        her daddy can afford to send her to therapy but by now it might be time for rehab

      • JeffyTheQuick

        Wait… it isn’t?

    • Elizabeth Alexander

      Look, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Miley, or anyone, wanting to take cool, arty nude photos. But something about these just feels so molest-y I can’t stand it. And honestly I think it’s Richardson’s fault as well as anyone who thinks it’s a good idea for Miley to be around people like him. it’s all just so cringe-worthy

      • Passadumkeagah

        Let’s just call this “self-molestation” (since she is *technically* an adult and she *fully* consented).

      • QuitPlayin

        They don’t feel molesty, they feel like a pathetic attempt to be “edgy.”

      • MikeinLA

        Yes of course it’s everyone else’s fault. It’s idiots like you that allow people to take no responsibility for their actions. Yes….it’s the guy with the cameras fault. I guess if some creepy guy was standing next to you, you’d feel compelled to take your clothes off? It’s cringe-worthy for me to even respond to your lunacy.

      • Elizabeth Alexander

        Actually it’s called “shared responsibility”. Miley is responisble for posing for the photos, yes. But since she was not physically taking them,. it is the photographers responsibility for the final product. so when they come out looking like this instead of art (which make come as a shock to you, but nude pictures CAN be art!) yeah it is Terry Richardson’s fault. Plus there’s the whole he’s allegedly coerced models into performing sexual acts against their will aka sexual assault. so yeah. i don’t trust the guy.

        But then again i’m probably just some lunatic-idiot. so what do I and all the people who agree with me know? I guess the hate-MIley-bandwagon was so full i just couldn’t get on board.

    • liz

      Ok. I’ve been a friend to Miley. I’ve defended her right to be whatever. Live and let live. Blah, blah, blah. But jeez looeez, enough. I got it, girl, you full of piss and beans, ok? Chill.

    • keith C.

      She’s sick a train wreck waiting to happen, she’s not attrractive nude (looks like a crystal-meth head to me). And sexuality to gain attenion is so damm old it’s amusing these days. Cant see too many teenagers posted her frail body up on the wall…lol ake up before you burn all da way out and ps…. Leave twerking for those who CAN twerk and have a body to emphasize the dance moves.

      • MikeInMaine

        You don’t have to get completely dishonest and retarded in your faux outrage and righteous indignation. The greater percentage of the population is attracted to models; in other words slim women just LIKE this WACKO slut, not fat tubs of lard as you apparently do. I think Miley is a sad piece of shit, but her body is smoking hot/ not even close to “frail”, you freak. Believe it or not a poll was taken recently and most men found Kate Upton to be pudgy, if not “a bit fat”. I consider her unattractive because she’s so fat. You probably think she’s not fat enough. You’re the weirdo dude.

      • Randall Chance Simpson

        You just said you and other men agree Kate Upton is fat. You are CLEARLY over the age of 30. Our generation didn’t grow up on Pam Anderson and skinny whores. We grew up on Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. Skinny is so 1985. That stopped being sexy the day White Snake wasn’t the coolest shit out and acceptable hair styles included the mullet.

      • ChristopherH10

        correction … the train wreck has ALREADY happened.

      • OLIVER


    • Lex

      Her parents must be so proud…feeling very sorry for them.

      • MikeinLA

        You mean the “parent” that posed in Vanity Fair with her? Yes….I feel terrible for them.

      • NM2000

        Her parents are the ones that did this to her.

    • Misenhammer

      This is my first time on his site and MAN, he loves trying to make everyone look like him. Except a little topless, in this case, naturally. Remember when he dressed Chloe Sevigny as his doppelgänger and was all, “Oh, gee, wouldn’t it be hilarious if we made out?” And then they DID? Vomit.

      THERE’S ONE WHERE HE HOLDS HIS GLASSES AGAINST THE SUNSET AND SAYS “The sunset as me.” He tried to make the sun look like him. THE SUN. Where does the madness end???

    • esbee

      why all the hubbub? Miley is only doing what she was culturally raised to do. Kids today are born into a sex saturated society- media situations show to do it any time any where with any one or thing. Why punish a pig if it was never told laying in the mud was wrong? Even though she played Hannah Montana, there were many other stations showing less than wholesome stuff.

      • MikeinLA

        So I guess when your daughter poses nude for every guy with a camera, you won’t see the issue? I mean, it’s what society has raised her to do no? It’s a shame that nobody told her that taking her clothes off in public was wrong! Mea culpa! I’m sorry Miley…I let you down.

        Note to Miley_ taking your clothes off in public is wrong. Please stop.

        There! Situation fixed!

      • OLIVER


      • MrBayag

        Freaking she has the body of Justin Bieber !!!! LOOK AT HER HIPS…look like a BOY’s, you blind bat.

      • OLIVER


    • Ray Thomas

      She looks like Bill the Cat. Akkkkk!

    • WTF if wrong with this bitch

      what the fuck is wrong with this bitch!!!!????

    • Disgusted

      She is just another Nasty Lesbo. Why doesn’t she just do porn shoots. It is really what she wants. Very Sad

    • Tarra

      WHERE in the hell are HER PARENTS???

      • lilflourocheezits

        Billy Ray popped her cherry, if you believe the Vanity Fair spread.

      • Passadumkeagah


      • OLIVER

        YOUR SO STUPID !

      • Sid_Bob_Silly

        You’re, mouthbreather.

      • NM2000

        Who do you think whored her out to a media career before puberty to begin with?

      • Jackie Lynn Cobb

        She never had any. They preferred to go the “bff” route.

    • pattyellen

      When you look at miley you get offended. It makes me sick just looking at her and knowing my my grandchildren are looking at trash. I have a 20 year old granddaughter thinks she is nothing but trash. She saw her picture in red and said look at a girl who was once okay and now is so low it would take a lot to dig her out of a hole, She thinks she is just not trashy but a w…………. I agree Please next time she sticks out her tongue somebody cut it off.

    • carol

      Until I saw these photos I thought Miley was just an immature, immoral girl trying to have a music career, fame, and a lot of money. I now believe she is mentally ill.

      • OLIVER


      • Sid_Bob_Silly

        Bank of America?

    • Lonnie_Kushking

      One eye closed, mouth and other eye open… She’s ready to catch the Money Shot!

    • Lindsey

      At least she finally brushed her tongue.

      • Passadumkeagah

        Finally – a kind word! (Lol!)

    • HarleyRider77

      Total PIGLETTE!!!!

    • Sadly Depressed!

      The Wasteland!

    • Amanda

      Terry Richardson is a sex offender for real! Every single celeb who poses him is a sell-out tool!! Oh, and that includes Oprah, believe it or not!

      Why can’t this heinous perv be put in jail already!!

      • disqus_p7bzi0Fj57

        Cyrus is twenty. Get over the “molestation” part, hm? Nothing AT ALL illegal here. You sound like a spitting nutcase.
        She does this to herself. That tongue is about as attractive as Miley spreading her butt cheeks. Yeah, you can do it, but….

    • Magoo

      Nicely shaved I see…..

    • Indee Anna

      he gets a blow job for his services, right?

    • MarshalZhukov01

      I have no idea how Richardson is as famous as he is. I’m guessing stellar marketing and branding because it’s definitely not talent. He shoots like an amateur and I’ve seen far more talented but unknown people on Model Mayhem or Tumblr.

      • Dante

        Haha right??? Like what professional photographer leaves the camera flash in the mirror in his pictures? Has he used photoshop before?

    • QuitPlayin

      Come on girl, you got ONE expression, you a one-note joke and you through.

      • QuitPlayin

        You want to be edgy, you want attention, go make some music that doesn’t suck. And learn to sing and dance.

    • Julie Daugherty

      She needs to grow up. Unbelieveably disgusting!

    • tevra

      I have never found Ms Cyrus to be even slightly enticing and that tongue obsession she has certainly does not help things

      • MikeinLA

        LOL…definitely agree! Not one ounce of sex-appeal- and the tongue out in every picture routine is old….can’t she get a new shtick?

      • tevra

        it won’t be long she seems to change her mind and her everything else quite often

    • Bb

      How can you even call him a professional photographer when basic 101 mistake is made shooting into a mirror with him in the picture.
      He is just a jerk with a camera

      • redcore

        I didn’t know who he was so I googled him. I noticed he likes to take a lot of pictures of himself, and pictures of him with celebrities/models. Narcissism at it’s most vile.

    • redcore

      “How does he still have friends? It is like in high school when the meanest kid with the cruelest sneer inexplicably still maintained a solid friend group.”

      Because writing this kinda gossipy crap on a forum is way more mature. I don’t know who the heck he is and someone sent me this article for the bizarre pictures, but the irony in that is pretty striking.

      • redcore

        Also, after reading the Terry Richardson article (and comments, some detailing similar experiences with him), I wonder if Miley Cyrus gave him a handjob? :P

      • MikeInMaine

        She sucked him dry, hence the tongue out.

    • Ovalle2016

      Miley is just de-”sexifying” pornography.

      Good for her.

      Whether you pity her or you think she’s breaking down, it might give you pause the next time you see a woman objectified in a clever ad campaign, movie or pornographic video.

      Miley is just showing us all how creepy it all is, regardless of her own motive.

      • Pablo Escobar

        What are you wearing?

      • Ovalle2016

        Your mom’s panties. Why, is that wrong?

      • LastMidnight

        i like your interpretation

    • Dante

      Older people- I am 19 years old and I can assure you that neither I or anybody I interact with acts like this. Miley Cyrus is a damn fool and I am so tired of hearing about her. So this is not the way “kids are raised these days”, because I have great and responsible parents. This is just the plague Billy Ray Cyrus has inflicted himself with, so when you think of “young people” please don’t let this image come into your head, because a lot of us hate her too

    • KrayzieBone22

      Miley has a cute face but when is she gonna get a WOMEN’S body?
      anyway all her “Antics” keep her in the news and gets her PAID so enjoy.

    • Political Dookie

      Bummer, no fur.

    • oyetos .

      Personally I think she should just pose naked in a smut mag or better
      yet do a porno and just get it over with. But that’s just me.

    • Paulmatthew22

      Its all going to end very badly for this gal

    • Danner

      An All-American girl!!!!!!…………..I’m moving to Canada.

    • John Nissen

      Vile Vicious Vixen

    • ChristopherH10

      These photos are repulsive, but I’m shocked by the vitriol being directed at Miley. It is sad that public figures in pop culture these days have to traverse their journeys to adulthood with such poor (or no) guidance in the choices they make. Research has demonstrated that power really does influence judgment (and, yes, these kids do come into enormous amounts of power at very early ages)–AND that the human frontal lobe doesn’t fully develop until we hit our early 30s.

      So hold them accountable, but blame their parents, handlers, and the media influences that provoke such behavior.

      There’s a word for all this name-calling … bullying.

    • will williams

      All you folks calling her “vile” and “disgusting” are missing the point. Miley has the #1 album and she is right now one of the hottest celebs out there with respect to exposure. Her trump card is that she is a talented singer and attractive (no matter what she is wearing or the seductive poses that she does in photos).

      She loves the attention and it is getting her paid. Being Hannah Montana was a start for her career, but she needed to bury her in order to get the success she is having right now. Her SNL stuff was pretty funny and she has been able to stay relevant after the MTV performance where the media tied to bury her as being trash and an embarrassment.

      Miley has succeeded in using shock as way to garner more fame. Not the fame that lasts 15 minutes, but the fame that could last for years. The critics need to get over it and recognize true game because Miley Cyrus has it nailed down.

    • Thomas Manning

      OK Miley, we see the nip and a crotch. And that’s all there is? What a waste of time. No heart? No soul? Bummer

    • Al Pistachio

      Come on you guys! You know Miley is HOT! .. Any guy who doesn’t think she is hot is probably a big advocate of same-sex marriages.

    • ElectricLucifer

      Love the shoot, richardson and miley are genius! Critics and fans agree, this lil bad girl is bangin. Keep up the good work and keep twerking in the USA – land of the free!

    • NM2000

      What is wrong with her tongue? Can she literally not hold it in her mouth? It is NOT sexy or attractive in any way.

    • denroy3

      Unerotic pictures for damaged minds.

    • wow

      How are those drugs treating your brain, Miley?

    • Dave Harper

      There was a black guy that ran track that was always letting his tongue hang out of his mouth that was winning a lot of races, and they said that he idolized Michael Jordan who used to do the same thing. They said they were afraid Jordan might injure his tongue while he was playing,because it was always hanging out. Any connection ?

    • Joemomma

      Next stop – Porn.

    • AtlantaMan

      The most dangerous thing about Miley is that she is teaching young white girls its cool to hang out in hip hop clubs and associate with lower class culture. Anyone who knows about the 1 in every 15 HIV rate among AA males in the US today, and the endless stories of gang-rape like the 20 on 1 Eleven year old Hispanic girl, can see this is very dangerous!

    • AtlantaMan

      The most dangerous thing about Miley is that she is teaching young white girls its cool to hang out in hip hop clubs and associate with lower class culture. Anyone who knows about the 1 in every 15 HIV rate among AA males in the US today, and the endless stories of gang-rape like the 20 on 1 Eleven year old Hispanic girl, can see this is very dangerous!

    • ken


    • T hunter

      You know Samantha, if it Miley bothers you so much, there are 500 billion other things to post about. I mean, you feel so disgusted, you could just choose to ignore her.Do you keep going back to a restaurant with horrible service and horrible food just so you can continually complain? I mean, if it’s so sleazy to you you could just choose not to talk about it. Odd that you can’t seem to do that huh?

    • Love Vickers

      You can see her right nipple in that second shot. Ridiculous!

    • braddog

      I liked the sweet and innocent look better. The hair sux and the facial expressions makes her look like someone just shot a load in her mouth

    • Ewms32

      keep your clothes on!! !!could somebody give this chick a sandwich please!!! she is boney as hell…sickly looking!!!

    • Db

      Clearly they’re at Trump in Columbus Circle. She’s got pics in the same building in a pink/purple 2-piece recently too.

    • no

      wow creepy

    • John

      You guys post these pics of her and then talk about how rotten she is…First off, not one person came here to read your insulting article. They came to see Miley. Also no one gives a shit who Terry Richardson is. I don’t care for pop music so I don’t listen to her music but, I am honest enough to admit that I like looking at her, and seeing her do things like SnL(shes pretty funny). Just to clarify.. you post controversial pics of a currently controversial person then say all the “safe bet” things that you know a lot of people will jump on your bandwagon for.(spineless) If you don’t like Miley then no one is forcing you to look! I’m not tired of Miley(at least she’s entertaining) I’m tired of cowards like the people who wrote this article pretending like they’re covering real news and being objective. Oh…and also tired of the geniuses who post the insulting comments about her…you are the morons that clicked the link to come here, so, must be you wanted to see her too!

    • Where Da Gold At?

      Lord, what a skank. I’d totally fuck her.

    • Guest

      The old perverted geezard in the mirror,drooling while snapping away is just downright creepy. Pedophile, sex offender or serial rapist, take your pick. This is what’s wrong with Miss Cyrus. She’s being used and MANipulated by slobbering old farts. They are defining who and what she is. So much for the “Women’s movement” and “Sexual revolution” it’s simply made it easier for dirty old men and even some sleazy old bitties to use young girls and destroy their lives and move on to the next gullible starlet. One day we will watch MC crash and burn while those who pull her chains and strings laugh and walk away. The entertainment industry is a cruel and heartless entity. How many more lives will be destroyed until society wakes up? Sad and pathetic. It’s too bad Miley is allowing others full reign of her body and life. Sad.

    • Anastasis Beverhausen

      She is just gross.

    • humdadedum

      Reminds me of Sarah Palin!

    • Felpaw

      Does anyone besides me remember when Disney produced great animation and not teenage whores?

    • Felpaw

      not to mention she kinda missed covering one nipple

    • Zaldar_the_Barbarian

      So yes the photos are not really sexy and she shows to much skin, but again what is the big issue about? Its not like she is saying this is what women are for….I don’t think anyone thinks of her as a role model…

    • Saryk

      I find it funny that people are really serious on how she acts. She’s a kid and having fun, so what!

    • Lane Meyer

      Just way creepy. She still has a little girl body and that haircut makes her look more like Macaulay Culkin than a young woman.

    • Shawn

    • justsomereader

      MK Ultra and the Satanic, Saturnalian agenda.

    • dobedo

      She has the body of a young boy or is it just me? And what’s with the crotch grabbing constantly or always sticking something there like she’s a guy? Not attractive Miss Miley!

    • Laurie K.

      what a creepy looking dude in the mirror…

    • Scott Bennett

      At least she scraped the left over jizz off her tongue this time before doing the shoot.
      I see a nipple !

    • suldaan maxamad

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuck her