Photoshop Of Horrors: Giuliana Rancic’s Giant Head Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See This Halloween

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Giuliana RancicThat, up there, is “television personality” and reality TV star Giuliana Rancic. She’s eagerly offering photographers a glimpse of her engagement ring at the 2013 Emmys.

Notice anything weird? Notice anything massive and out of proportion (besides the ring itself)? No, no, everything is in order here: Rancic is a lady with regular old human proportions.

…Most of the time!

Apparently she leads a double life as the face of aerobics/activewear/leggings brand Danskin. Or should we say as the “giant head” of aerobics/activewear/leggings brand Danskin:

Giuliana Rancic for Danskin photoshop disaster

Good god! Is “growing a massive head” a real danger that can occur from too much spin class? Does all your body fat just slowly migrate upwards until one’s head looks like a balloon about to float away?

…Or, is Danskin’s activewear so flattering, so slimming, so impossibly sleek that it just makes the wearer’s head look gigantic and disembodied by comparison? We understand the whole “lollipop head” thing is a popular silhouette on red carpets–it was only a matter of time before some fancy activewear brand came along to make us feel bad about our proportions in the gym, too.

Perhaps she wears the huge engagement ring to weigh herself down.

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(via Photoshop Dosasters, photo via Getty)

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      Does the active wear come with a fan to blow your hair just so?

    • Landry

      ah, thats not nice (though kinda funny). I watch her on Fashion Police and her show, and always notice that her head is a little large. I think she just has a really big head

    • Btdubs

      That isn’t her engagement ring. It was a rental from some Lorraine Schwartz or some place like that. And her head really is a bit big ; it’s an insecurity of hers, which she always mentions it on her tv show. A pretty mean and inaccurate article, guys…

    • Merytle

      Uhmm she supports chick-a-fil-a????

    • student

      So are you saying they photoshopped her body in the Danskin ad to make her head look bigger? C’mon guys, she just has a large head. No need to poke fun.

    • Dede

      Anorexic body and enormous head.