10 People Who Tried To Get A Famous Face With Plastic Surgery

Dress designer Herbert Chavez has undergone plastic surgery to look like his idol Superman

Extreme body modification has always existed for the purposes of changing one’s body to look like something else–but occasionally it’s used for looking like a specific someone else. Here are ten people who got plastic surgery to look like a celebrity–to varying degrees of success and without the aid of bottom feeding reality television shows. Transformations into Jessica Alba, Ryan Gosling, Lindsay Lohan and more ahead…

[Thumbnail via BBC]

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    • Katie

      I never got the whole Barbie one. She doesn’t look like Barbie, like, at all.

    • Holly

      I’m not hating the Superman one…

      • I’mALittleTeapot

        looks more like michael jackson than clark kent

      • Holly

        It really does. I thought MJ when I saw the cover photo on FB. But, you can actually tell what he was going for. The other ones, I don’t really get. I mean, I personally don’t get plastic surgery at all, and think it’s too scary to put yourself through that for a certain look, but if I were going to go for it, I’d go all out and be a superhero.

    • jules79

      None of those people look even remotely like the celebs they wanted to emulate.

    • jaimie bisbee

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    • Briar

      Not that it’s completely relevent, but all of these people are broken.