A Men’s Magazine Has Finally Noticed Plus Size Supermodel Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley for Australia GQ

Robyn Lawley shot by Pierre Toussaint for Australian GQ

We have covered so many Robyn Lawley goings on over the last few years–we first saw her on Vogue Italia’s landmark plus size cover (which still draws groans and gushing praise in equal measure), then she started nabbing solo covers left and right. A straight size lingerie campaign followed and an even landmark-ier campaign spot as the first plus-sized face of Ralph Lauren. Through it all, she’s handled the bullshit with grace and poise.

But as famous as she is among fashion bloggers and people who follow the modeling industry, Lawley has been completely ignored by men’s media.

Why’s that? She looks every bit as amazing in a bathing suit as she does on a red carpet (seriously)–and what with the success of women like Kate Upton and Crystal Renn (who both landed in the same comparatively diverse issue of Sports Illustrated), people are slowly acknowledging that you don’t have to be a “loose 2″ to be fuckable. You can be a 4 or even a 6!

Thankfully, someone slapped some sense into Lawley’s native GQ (Australia) and the magazine picked her as It Girl of the Week. Normally the dominion of more conventional supermodels (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for example), Lawley looks right at home. And GQ, for their part, sets the tone nicely, “Label Robyn Lawley a plus-size model if you want. Or, why not go with our preferred adjective – hot.”

Still, we’re not quite in a place yet where someone as remarkably good looking as Lawley can just deserve to be there–“I’ve got big hips and a big body,” she says, “I’m double, triple the size of other models – and I embrace that, I own it,”–by which we mean her slightly unusual body is still the focus of the brief profile. Someday, lad mags can crush on Lawley without even mentioning her size.

In the meantime, you can go see her looking hot.

(Photo via Australia GQ)

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      SHE’S SO HOT.

      • Alexis H

        True dat.

    • Alexis H

      I’m sure the main reason she’s been ignored is the labeling. If a men’s magazine says a “plus-sized” woman is attractive, they’re setting her up for some pretty harsh scrutiny off the bat. However, if they feature a size 6 woman like Robin Lawley without the qualifier, she’d be perceived as any other attractive female. Because you know, size 6 is a straight size and NOT plus sized. At all.

      As a taller lady I had what was considered a medically unhealthy BMI when I was a size 6, but in the modelling world I would have been a big, fat fatty. I just wish arbitrary labels with negative connotations like “plus sized” would go away (especially when they’re so ill-defned as to mean a size 6 and up in some circles and anywhere from a 12 to a 16 in clothing retail).

      • Revenwyn

        I’m a 5’4″ woman, and I weigh 180 pounds. My BMI is 30. I have 22% body fat, which is perfectly healthy, and I wear a size 16. So am I plus sized? Yes. But plus sized does not automatically mean unhealthy and I wish people would understand that! I am shorter but my ribs are 38 inches when they’re visible. When I hit 165 I was actually told by doctors to GAIN weight because I was too thin for my frame.

      • Alexis H

        Well said. I wanted to get that sort of sentiment across but it didn’t come out right because there are so many issues at play here. I think a label like “plus sized” is so negative and condescending and I wish it would just go away. To automatically stigmatize the majority of American women by forcing them into a different category is dehumanizing and appalling.

        Even if this woman were plus sized (which she is NOT, which is pretty insulting to actual plus sized people, IMO), who cares about her size? Why does that have to be part of her story and why can’t we let her pictures (or a beautiful, size 20 girl’s pictures) speak for themselves, like any other model?

      • Wow

        BJAH! you beat me to it! it’s good that they are putting her in a magazine to celebrate her beauty, but why include the qualifier “plus-sized” that definitely does carry a stigma? i think a cooler way to have done it would have been to make her the girl of the week and later announce “guess what? last week’s girl of the week is “plus-sized.” i think it might raise some awareness amongst men about the ridiculous standards of beauty to which women are held. if nobody said she was a plus-sized model, i doubt anyone would notice.

    • Tania

      Size six is plus size? I hate the modelling world.

    • Revenwyn

      Plus size my lard ass. If she’s plus size, what is my size 16, 22% body fat?

    • wannabevenus

      She is a plus sized model? Not what I envision when I read that phrase. She looks like a pretty standard small size, at least in that pic. Since when is a size 6 waif ‘plus sized’??