Nicki Minaj Posted Series Of Topless Photos Ranging From Awesome To Terrifying (NSFW)

Nicki Minaj topless selfies

I love Nicki Minaj, guys. I think she is one of the most entertaining people in pop culture right now, seriously. Yes, she is bizarre and I am aware that she can be ridiculous, but I admittedly always felt super excited whenever her songs would come on while I was dancing at a party during college (yes, I am lame, I know). That said, I’m not sure how I feel about these topless photos of Ms. Minaj that she posted on Instagram today:

Nicki Minaj topless selfies

In the photos, Minaj makes her signature “I have zero control over my facial muscles” expressions. She also added in some leopard-patterned star-shaped pasties and the caption, “Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????” (I say, “Yes,” because they would undoubtedly be fascinating.)

Nicki Minaj topless selfies

I am now reminded that I need to do something cool to my hair because it’s boring. :(

Nicki Minaj topless selfies

And perhaps something else to my face, because it is also boring. :( :(

Now, I think I’m a little weirded out by the facial expressions, but then again, it is Nicki Minaj and she kind of makes those all of the time. Perhaps I’m merely jealous because I am 100% positive I would have looked ridiculous — and not in a good way — should I ever have tried to pull this business off. Honestly, they’re infinitely better than most celebrity selfies, so let’s all give some thanks to Nicki Minaj for being more interesting than almost every other entertainer on Instagram, even when she’s doing something ultra-normal (for celebs, at least).

Photos via Nicki Minaj’s Instagram.

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    • drftgyhuj

      Saggy elephant boobs are not attractive………..

      • Anne Marie Hawkins

        Good thing she is not an elephant, then. Nicki Minaj is a beautiful person and an artist who does a lot to challenge the social construction of Black womanhood, IMO. She’s pretty fucking awesome.

      • You have no clue

        “Who does a lot to challenge the social construction of Black womanhood”… This is super-offensive to black women, sorry. Nicki Minaj is actually completely impeachable in contributing to the negative stereotypes of black women (hyper sexual, crass), and/or perceptions of beauty amongst black women. I’m not sure where you’re getting this from, but even that assertion is misguided, at best, racist/racially-charged/insensitive, at the worst.

        Having a nose-job/contouring to have a “whiter” looking aquiline nose, dying her hair blonde, perhaps even bleaching is part of a longstanding tradition of “paper bag tests” and “light skin is the right skin” mentality that has made many black girls (in Hollywood and elsewhere) feel inferior. That’s made beautiful women like Tyra, Naomi, Halle Berry feel compelled to get rhinoplasty.

        I’m a light-skinned black woman, btw. You have NO clue what you’re talking about so please, just STOP.

      • Anne Marie Hawkins

        I’m sorry. I was basing the statement off of black female bloggers I follow. I won’t say it again.

      • Landry

        for how big they are, they look pretty perky. Nothing with big boobies. Nothing wrong at all