20 Fashion Superstars Who Can’t Stop Taking Selfies

20 fashion superstars who can't stop taking selfies

Everyone has that insufferable friend on Instagram who’s constantly posting photos of himself or herself, often with a million hashtags, always with a pout. Occasionally, the selfie is ostensibly about something else–maybe “hair” like Miley Cyrus below–other times, they’re just pure, unadulterated vanity presented without apology or explanation. Oh, and sometimes that obnoxious Instagram person you follow just so happens to be famous.

Here are 20 fashion industry luminaries who love a celebrity selfie and the various ways in which that manifests.

Of course.

Clotheshorse, occasional pretend designer and LA sleaze icon Paris Hilton is one of the most vain people to have ever lived. Naturally, her Instagram is mostly her.

Of course, Hilton’s no match for her onetime best friend Kim Kardashian, who takes vanity to breathless new lows. We even created a fun Instagram game you can play.

In addition to being in all of his Instagram photos, Terry Richardson frequently prompts his celebrity subjects to pose as him.

Style icon (go with it) and River Island collaborator Rihanna never met a selfie she didn’t like. The more sexually charged, however, the better.

Tyra Banks wouldn’t want the world to go without her smizing.

Few people love a selfie as much as the permanently shirtless Justin Bieber (who has “collaborated” on more than one fashion project and has a signature fragrance). He only ever makes one face, though.

Superstar stylist turned designer Rachel Zoe has to Instagram her outfits a lot, but also blows kisses to announce she’s off to dinner.

Nobody loves Donald Trump more than Donald Trump, the man behind the menswear brand.

Fans eager to see Beyonce‘s latest haircut know they need only rely on her Instagram.

10 more models, bloggers (and cute dogs) ahead…

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