8 Halloween Costumes For Couples Who Hate Halloween

mean girls halloween costume

So you hate Halloween, but feel pressured to get yourself into a couple’s Halloween costume. Couple’s Halloween costumes can be a high stress affair–they’re expensive and fussy and seem like a lot of work when you could just get drunk in your pajamas at home like any other self-respecting person with a problem. I’ve seen couples get into fights over what they’ll wear, and they always end up as Bonnie and Clyde or something equally unimaginative.

Hoping to spare you that nightmare, we’ve rounded up 8 couples costumes that won’t make you want to jump off a cliche cliff. These bad boys range from topical and timely to nostalgic, and there’s something for everyone. As far as we’re concerned, all of these are gender-neutral and can be worn by couples of the sexing kind or friends who don’t want to face the costumed hoards alone.

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