High School Bans Colorful Bras So Everyone Will Forget Girls Have Breasts


High school girls are the absolute worst, especially when their slutty dark bras show through their school-mandated sheer uniforms, right, nobody? Well, the Zhongshan Technical Secondary School in Guangdong has decided to take a stand against these heathens who insist on having breasts, and have instituted a ban on anything but flesh colored bras and underwear, according to Shaghaiist. Any bra that isn’t nude colored will result in an academic penalty, and the penalty is higher for patterned bras than just solidly colored slut bras.

Instead of mandating what type of underwear students are obliged to wear, how about providing opaque school uniforms? I went to a high school with uniforms, and if we went around with our bras outside of our clothes (it was an all-girls school, shit was weird), we were told to put our bras back on the normal way. This makes sense to me. The uniform involved a collared shirt, not a collared shirt with articulated breasts. But to say that our bras, under our shirts, were too garish would be insane.

Maybe there’s merit in trying to take dating and sex out of the classroom, and instead refocusing students towards their studies. But this is going way too far, and this gendered attempt to curb teen sexual appetites will be pretty futile. What’s the worst that can happen? A male person confirms what he likely already knew, that the teen girl he’s speaking to is, in fact, wearing a bra? Who the hell cares?

I suppose it’s easier if we just pretend that girls don’t need bras for their sexy breasts and then we can ignore the fact that these girls are turning into women and we won’t have to deal with icky sex talks or gross boobs.

Are you telling me boys are going to look at boobs less just because they’re in flesh colored bras? Or that colorful bras are what make ladies sex objects? We all know that’s not true. Women become sex objects because of their own poor choices. Duh.

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    • DaisyJupes

      It’s not about pretending they don’t have breasts. It’s about the look of the uniform and complying with the dress code. Wearing non skin colored bras under light shirts is tacky and violates the uniformity of the dress code. Similarly, you may get fired from work if you had a tendency to wear white/light blouses and dark/patterned bras. It’s unprofessional and reflects poorly on your employer (or your school) when you show your bra.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        It’s a bra, not a genital piercing.

      • Belletrist

        i have to say I agree with you. I had the same rule at my all-girls high school and honestly it made sense. Our uniforms were made of quite a sheer material as well so coloured undergarments could be seen easily. It’s fine if you’re at a beach party but at school, it just looks distracting. Imagine representing your school at a competition and having your hot pink bra showing through the uniform. There’s a time and place for everything.

      • cori

        Maybe the school should look into uniforms made from a thicker material, then no bras would be visable & colors would no longer matter. They chose a thin fabric, this is the schools problem.

      • cori

        A woman has the choice of what shirt & bra to wear to work. A student wearing a uniform doesn’t have the same luxury, they can only wear the type of shirt the school chooses. A penalty for a grown woman who chooses to wear something see-through and a teen who’s only choice is their underwear should not be the same. It’s a completely different circumstance. Also from what I’ve been told by friends, it’s a lot harder for a black woman to find a “nude” colored bra. Think about how many brown bras you see hanging on the racks in the stores, it’s not many. The school should require thicker or less transparent fabric for their shirts and the problem would be solved.

      • antlet

        I dunno I think going as far as banning color bras is a bit excessive, especially if one expects the uniform to be transparent, the only difference is that the skin color bra doesn’t contrast, which can be even more intriguing for the fantasy of some people. Though in general I’m against uniforms and for the faculty to express style and individuality at least within a common sense decency :).

    • Cee

      Meh. I’m boring. I only have nude or black bras…well I have a very rainbow one which I wear to work out (hey, I need motivation!). I like nude because it goes with everything, especially a white t shirt, which most uniforms seem to have as their tops.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I’m boring, too! I need to up my bra game.

      • cori

        I am too overall, but after my last functioning bra broke I was left with the choice of black and neon orange in my size to choose from one time. (Limited places to buy bras in the small town I was living in meant that’s all there was) I have a medium light skintone, so either choice meant I would have to choose my tops carefully until the store got some less flashy options in. Hopefully these girl don’t get stuck in a predicament like I did and it seems possible since now all the girls in the school will be looking for the same color bra at the same time.

    • Amanda

      Do they realize how fucking expensive bras are? I mean, no one wants to see your neon orange leopard print bra under your white shirt, but seriously bras are extremely expensive. That sucks to have to go out and buy new ones just for school. I personally don’t wear anything plain, I like frilly, lacy, colorful bras and underwear, so that’d be a lot of money for me to spend on new ones.

    • Marian Dreaver

      Or school uniforms could stop being sheer. Because its not creepy or anything.