12 Guy Names That Are Inherently Hot

hunter s thompson

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In all of our minds, there are names with negative and positive connotations. Perhaps you hate name of somebody who cheated on you in tenth grade, or the first name of a girl who bullied you, or perhaps the name of a guy who subsequently went to jail for selling coke after you dated (my taste in men blows my mind with brilliance, too). But then there are those names you just love. You simply cannot help it. They’re hot names: names that inexplicably tend to be attached to hot people.

As we have discussed in the past, some names are dealbreakers, so now it’s time to talk about the ones that we find almost invariably attractive. Obviously, there are names for women who are attractive (a post you can look forward to in the future, because I need to discuss my undying devotion to the name “Chloe”), but for now, we shall just talk about dude names, including a few unisex choices.

There are definite exceptions, but between the women in our office, these are the ones found to be the most snazzy in nature.

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    • Benita

      Sorry, no Spanish names on this list makes it invalid.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Not sure it makes it invalid; my family is South American and none of us (besides my father) have particularly Latino-sounding names (which is what I assume you meant). There also aren’t any French-specific names, if I’m not mistaken, nor plenty of other name origins. But to each their own!

      • Alphaswag

        Can I get some opinions on the name Greg?

    • Jeanie Jay

      Names that will always suck (for me, anyway): KYLE. Every single Kyle I knew in school was a complete douchebag to me and to everyone else. Also Chad. No good ever comes from naming your kid Chad. (Antonio, oth, is muy sexy.)

      • Samantha_Escobar

        If you think there’s a douchebag shortage in the world, name your kid Chad. Good god.

      • Jeanie Jay


      • Chris Erickson

        Excuse me.. Chad is my fathers name

    • Hunter

      My name made the list! But I am a girl…

      • eris hilton

        Hunter for a girl! I love it!

    • Katie

      Forrest? Damien? EeeeeeeWwwwwwww

    • Tristan

      my name became popular for a moment “Tristan” but dont know how women view it. Although its Welsh for sorrow and close to the spanish Triste for sad its origins arefrom.the older Drystram meaning riot or tumult, the din of battle.

    • Catherine

      I laughed out loud, Pretty much all of those names are described how I image them. Only Noah for me makes me think of The Notebook character, Still hot!

    • Juliana

      Forrest just makes me think of Forrest Gump, so I can’t. Haha. I would like to add the name Luka (or Luca). Maybe Alessandro (Ale for short). I’m sure there are others I can’t think of.

      And don’t hate on DMB!!! = (

    • Alexandra Mitchell

      No Davids? That name is literally a panty dropper for me. Met a guy recently, had a great conversation, told me his name was David, and now I’m madly in crush mode.

    • bear48624862

      lol how white can these names be