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Manly Manicures Get Our Thumbs-Up

Photo: Shuttestock

Photo: Shuttestock

Are you ready to put the “man” in “manicure?” Do you need a new paint job on your testoster-toes? Looking for a place to push back your cuticles and hang with your dude-icles? I’m out of puns, but now there’s a guy-friendly nail salon in LA. It’s called Hammer & Nails, because of course it is, and it opens on November 9th.

Founder Michael Elliot, who wrote a Queen Latifah movie and is therefore qualified to start a salon, came up with the idea for the business when he and his friends felt judged by the ladies at their local nail place. Elliot told Fashionista, “I have always hated going to get a mani just because of that feeling of walking in the door and it seems like all the women kind of look at you like, ‘What are you doing here?’”

A tiny part of me kind of loves it when men get a taste of feeling out of place, but a much bigger part is glad to see some gender bending. Why shouldn’t guys get to feel pampered and clean and attractive? And why shouldn’t they do it all in leather chairs while they watch TV? The color scheme of Hammer & Nails is black and gray and all man, and Elliot plans to offer beer and scotch to his customers in the future.

Colored nail polishes will be available along with clear, because an article in the New York Times convinced Elliot that more and more guys are coming around to the idea of wearing a little bit of color on their fingers. I’m into it. I’m so into it.

So if you and your bros want a little sparkle on your toes, head over to Hammer & Nails. Prop your feet up, drink some scotch, and get your nails did. Masculinely.

[via Fashionista]

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