16 Pairs Of Shoes Size 10 And Up That Aren’t Frumpy, Orthopedic Foot Boats

womens shoes

We’ve written a lot about making fashion accessible to everyone who wants it, and rage over the fact that clothing companies tend to be geared towards a mostly made up and impossible beauty ideal. What I didn’t realize was how much that extended to shoes, as well. If you wear a size 10 or over, it can be near impossible to find stores that carry shoes in your size.

The options out there can be boring, ugly, and downright orthopedic. With the help of some of my colleagues, we rounded up 16 pairs of shoes from the best retailers to check out when trying to find shoes in your size. As it happens, a lot of recognizable, trendy brands make their shoes in extended sizes, but it can be difficult to track them down in stores, but these retailers carry tons and tons of brands, styles, and varieties, regardless of size. There’s basic sneakers, sparkly heels, delicate flats, and strappy sandals, all in “non standard”* sizes.

You all know I have a serious aversion to color, but I think I stepped up my game and tried to broaden my color horizons on this one. I also resisted the urge to do another post of only witch booties.

*Also call it “non-standard” or “extended” sizing is stupid, because everyone’s feet are standard. They’re feet.

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    • Samantha_Escobar

      Adam Tucker Me Too Slip-O — SO CUTE.

    • Trista Casey

      My giant feet and I thank you!

    • Emily

      Awesome! I wear a size 10 so shoes aren’t too hard to find, but I come from a family of very tall women with 10+ size feet and I’ll be sharing this article with them :-)

    • bbwbf

      FYI Zappos doesn’t carry womens size 15 anymore except for sneakers. I have been lucky to find them at shoesofyourdreams.com.

    • odette

      Don’t want to be a negative nancy here but I saw the first four pairs and to me, they are frumpy footboats…maybe my tastes are just different…?