Nothing Says TGIF Like Time Traveling Through Beyoncé’s Greatest Hits

You’ve made it to the weekend, so it’s time to celebrate! May I interest you in a delightful, musical Internet video? Well, that is what I have to offer today – and trust me, it’s a good one.

Beyoncé is basically the definition of “music superstar” and it’s not a secret she has a whole bunch of catchy singles to her name. Well, super talented a cappella group Pentatonix (you may remember their awesome modern take on The Wizard Of Oz) has reached into the Beyoncé musical vault to put together “Evolution of Beyoncé.”

Their magical mashup starts with songs from way back in Bey’s career. Like, all the way back to the Destiny’s Child days. Side bar: does it still catch anyone else off guard when they remember that Destiny’s Child was once a four-lady operation? Every time for me. Anyway, then Pentatonix’s melodious creation seamlessly transitions into some of her solo songs and it’s all fantastic.

Considering the song selections span Beyoncé’s career, there’s something for everyone depending on which of her musical eras you like the best. Personally, I love all the eras so the entire mash-up has made my weekend officially begin on a good note (music pun intended).

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