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These Little Girls Are Dressed Like Bags You Can’t Afford

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Your five-year-old isn’t expensive enough to compete with this one. Rich New York mommies are putting their money to good use this Halloween and dressing their little angels like designer purses. Ack. And, also, awww.

Valerie Vazquez, mother of a Chanel bag, says her Pre-K daughter wanted to dress up like a purse because “Sophia likes to be like Mommy, [and] the thought of being a bag Mommy carries sealed the deal.” Vazquez tells the NY Post, “We use Halloween as an opportunity for Sophia to express herself creatively. I was looking for something high-fashion yet fun.” Wait, which one is it? You want your daughter to express her five-year-old self, or you want your daughter to be a tiny mannequin?

But it’s hard to judge Vazquez, even though I’m sure having to wear a box all night would have pissed me off at five, because Sophia does look crazy adorable. Oh, and she’s not alone. The Huffington Post has complied a handful of Twitter and Instagram pics from other parents whose tiny daughters are trick-or-treating as bags. The Chanel logo is the new witch hat.

I’m having a variety pack of emotions about these fun-sized fashionistas. Should parents feel guilty for dressing up their kids as little extensions of themselves? Should parents not be using their kids as a way to compete with other parents? Should parents maybe not teach their young daughters to worship expensive brands? I don’t know. I don’t know!

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

All I know for certain is that this little girl has a headband that matches the chain-link straps on her body bag, and I’m going to die of cuteness. I’m rolling my eyes, but at the same time… my ovaries are glowing. Happy Halloween.

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