Check Out Our Team’s Best Halloween Costumes Ever!

Sam Cate Caitlin costumes

As you may have guessed, we absolutely love Halloween here at The Gloss. I personally think it is the best holiday ever (though perhaps I am biased given that my birthday was the 29th and I always combine that with the 31st for epic costumed parties). We also love our coworkers, so let’s take a look at the of their (and our) coolest and favorite costumes, shall we?

Vanessa Vieira 80s prom queen


Vanessa Vieira pulls off a mean 80s prom queen look. For the record, this is the facial expression she makes when we discuss salad shaming.

Julie Halloween

Julie Kraut went as a “grandma going to Atlantic City for a girls’ weekend,” which makes me hope that I will someday be an awesome grandma going to Atlantic City with my friends where we will be wearing pink satin fannypacks.

Jessica Booth Halloween Jessica Booth Halloween

Gurl’s Jessica Booth went as a picture perfect pinup girl with her friends. Suddenly, I feel the urge to go out and buy red heels…

Meghan and Max as a lion

Meghan Graham dressed up her adorable tiny human Max as a lion. How’s that for fierce, Tyra?

Liz as Jessica Rabbit

Our own Liz Licata killed it with this Jessica Rabbit costume as a kid.

Jen Dziura Halloween

Bullish’s Jen Dziura looked lovely as preggo Kate Middleton! [Ed. Note: I'm bad at guessing costumes, clearly.]

Caitlin as sexy Walter White

Gurl’s Caitlin Corsetti did a sexy Walter White costume (which we are all about here at The Gloss!) with her roommate.

Cate as Lady Columbia

Harlotry’s Cate did an amazing Lady Columbia, which was both an awesome costume and a beautiful look on her.

Sexy Quail Man costume for Halloween Sexy Quail Man costume for Halloween

As for me, I went as sexy Quail Man a few years ago.

Sam Escobar's Halloween costume

And I reused the cape while adding a red leotard from a film shoot a while back where I played a superhero (for the record, acting is really not my strong suit and I apologize if anybody ever sees me in that short). I wore some spider tights, put in a pair of pretty glass plugs and wore a hat to complete the costume, which was…absolutely nothing, it was a nonsensical mess. But it was weirdly comfortable!

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    • Jennifer Dziura

      I am clearly … Preggo Kate Middleton! Just saying.

      • Anne

        I was wondering about that! Do you guys @ the Gloss never talk to each other? I thought it was very obviously a pregnant duchess anyway…

      • Jennifer Dziura

        Thanks! I don’t work in the office, so that’s probably it. (And I should’ve included a caption when I contributed the photo.) I’m sure if I sat in Alloy’s offices, someone could’ve shouted, “Hey Jen, WTF are you?”

      • Samantha_Escobar

        No, we talk to one another, I’m just a shitty guesser.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        AGHHH I’m sorry, I should have asked! Good gracious.

    • La

      It’s against the American Flag Code to wear the American Flag or let it touch the ground. Regardless of intent, it’s offensive. Why didn’t she just burn it?

      • Cate

        I actually kind of wrestled with this, but I feel like I’m wearing it pretty respectfully, as there is not a trace of irony in my costume: I actually love my country to such an extent that people often say is ridiculous. Besides, there’s a long history of Lady Columbia wearing the flag, as shown in this photograph from the 1900s.

        I’m sorry to have offended you, my only intent was to offend communists, anarchists, and other anti-American Halloween revelers.

      • La

        Cate, I completely understand you meant no ill offense, and perhaps I should have phrased my comment in a more productive form. I only meant to bring attention to the laws we have in place to respect and protect our nation’s treasure. Lady Columbia is an inspiring figure, but the treatment of the Flag is more important to me than representing her likeness. I don’t question your patriotism, I just wonder if a Halloween costume was the best way to display your intent. Thank you, though, both for listening and for considering my point of view.

    • elle

      I feel I must do everything in my power to see the short you are in…also I basically love every single costume on here but I think I love the Jessica Rabbit costume the best

      • Samantha_Escobar

        ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST? It’s the purple gloves that are the most A+, I think.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Also, trust me, if you value your eyes and ears and sanity, you should never watch it. I am genuinely the worst actor ever.