People Are Freaking Out About This Risque Photo Of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian in Instagram photoshoot

Via Instagram.

On Monday, 16-year-old Kylie Jenner posted some shots of a photoshoot she did with her sisters and mother in Malibu on Instagram. The above, with Khloe Kardashian, features a pretty white gown and dark red lipstick. It’s this photo, however, that is causing a stir:

Kylie Jenner's risque Instagram photo

Via Instagram.

Hey, look, it’s a girl in a dress! An ugly, revealing dress, but that’s it. Here’s how the Daily Mail, the never-ending volcano spewing the best of comments, described the photo in a post titled, “Too much too young? Kylie Jenner, 16, wears a VERY revealing white dress during photo shoot and shares picture with fans.”

Her sister Kendall may have just turned 18 over the weekend, becoming more mature in her age.

But many often forget that her little sister Kylie Jenner is still only sweet sixteen.

However, the young teenager looked years beyond her years by donning a very revealing dress in a  photo shoot on Monday in Malibu.

Kylie’s hair and make-up too were very mature, with her brown locks coiffed in tumbling waves and a rather heavy application of plum lipstick.

The teen’s look was more akin to what one of her elder sisters would wear, such as Kim Kardashian.

1) Ugh. Stop calling it “sweet sixteen” — a phrase that’s almost exclusively used for females — as it somewhat infantilizes her.
2) Eh, I get what they’re saying about the “beyond her years” thing, but to be fair, she’s like 5’9″. I looked “beyond my years” with or without makeup growing up because I was tall and had wide hips. It’s not necessarily the dress or makeup that leads to looking older.
3) The post then goes on to discuss Jenner’s love life, including her potential link to Lil Twist and past dates with Jaden Smith. So, the Daily Mail is interested in discussing (and snapping shots of) the dating habits of a teenager but thinks it’s gasp-worthy for that same girl to wear a low-cut dress?

I get it: we don’t want girls to “grow up too fast.” And yet there are countdowns to 17-year-olds suddenly “becoming legal,” as though at the stroke of midnight on a girl’s 18th birthday, she’ll suddenly start handing out blowjobs to any guy who was creepily excited about it. I don’t think there’s a big ol’ problem with how teenage girls dress so much as there’s a huge issue with how teenage girls are viewed, treated (including by the media) and sexualized in the minds of other people. If you’ll recall, the Olsen twins wore pretty tame outfits and there were entire websites dedicated to celebrating their sudden legal status (you know, for extra creepy folks who fantasize about underage girls suddenly “becoming women” and incest).

I’m not saying I don’t think the females in the Kardashian family are likely warped in how they view normal behavior and adulthood; Kris Jenner is quite possibly the most obnoxious momager ever. Like, ever ever. But I do think that getting all in a tizzy because a high school girl wore a low cut dress is pointless and silly. I mean, all that really matters is that she’s dating Iron Man, right?

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    • Mel

      I think we may have come a little far in calling out slut-shaming etc. Do you really think that’s an appropriate outfit for a 16 year old? I wanted to dress like that when I was a teenager , but my mom told me I’m probably not ready to deal with reactions I might get. Just yesterday we were outraged with pervs celebrating Kendall being legal. I wouldn’t want my child presented to the world like that.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Meh, “appropriate” is a subjective term. And I’m not saying they’re slut shaming; I don’t think I even used that phrase in this post. I’m saying it’s ridiculous to get upset about a teenager wearing a low-cut dress.

        And regarding the “dealing with reactions” thing: how people react is up to them. They aren’t somehow required to sexualize or catcall you based on clothing, that’s their individual choice. You choose how you present yourself, but they choose how they react to that presentation.

      • Mel

        See, it’s that last paragraph. I wholeheartedly agree with that! It’s absolutely their choice, but unfortunately a choice many make daily; to sexualize a woman because of what she’s wearing. I just wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with this. I guess my big problem with this is that I imagine her mother being behind this, pushing her to be sexy for all the world to see.

      • H4BAF

        Wow, so if you’re wanting to hit it before she’s “legal”, you’re a perv, and if you wait until she’s “legal”, you’re also a perv.
        You puritans should really get out more.

    • Katie

      I think the main issue here is just that the dress is really ugly.

      • Jpop

        I think the main issue is the fact that a CHILD feels the need to dress provocatively in order to express her sexuality and garner attention. This is not a grown “Miley-esque” woman we’re talking about. We shouldn’t brush it off as “work it girl, cause the mans just trying to objectify you/bring you down!” This is a kid whom feels that being so overtly sexualized for her age is appropriate, and even worse, most likely encourage to behave/dress that way. I’m not talking about this girl is a Heathen, I just feel bad that she would ever think looking that way at such a young age is even remotely acceptable in her world/society.

      • Katie

        Yeah, but the dress would be ugly even if she was 18.

      • Snarky404


      • opinionated

        Maybe she got paid thousand of dollars for wearing this dress, ugly or not, Models around the world get paid thousands of dollars daily to wear designer clothes , whether they like the clothes or not at the end of the day its a pay check.

      • H4BAF

        She is sooo smoking hot. That rack is unreal. I’d love to plow into that hot young snatch!

      • Liderc

        Apparently you haven’t seen a 16 year old in the last 20 years lol. They all dress provocatively by then.

    • LaLa

      Here’s the thing: most models are teenagers and a lot of them wear dresses like this or sometimes even less. And they are often times pressured into these situations ( or pressured into unhealthy lifestyles in order to maintain extreamly thin frames). Many are from poorer countries and are supporting they’re families and sleazy agents/photographers take advantage of that. Where are the outraged articles about them? Is it just because we KNOW how old Kylie Jenner is while we only have a vague idea that the girls in our favorite magazines are underage? I agree that it’s quite a revealing for a 16 year old I wear. But she was there with her family and obviously in a safe situation. Maybe all this moral outrage could be used to help the girls who actually need the help.

    • Hayley Hoover

      I love the way you worded this.

      It’s depressing to me how many adult men are going to look at that photo, but it’s her prerogative to post it without getting attacked.

    • Elizabeth

      I would like to take a moment to recognize the superior grammatical skills of the Daily Mail. Did you know that Kendall, in turning 18, is “becoming more mature in her age”? Or that Kylie’s dress is similar to what “one of her elder sisters would wear, such as Kim Kardashian”? Because the Daily Mail sure does!

      • cori

        You forgot stunningly insightful, I am constantly amazed at the level of wit their writers posess.

    • Kardashsluts

      Just like her sisters, being slutty gets er attention. She’s not even cute!

      • cori

        Whoa there, no need to start slinging barbs at her looks. That’s extremely subjective and irrelivant. It doesn’t look “cute” on anyone to cross that line.

    • Maitri

      Hrm, maybe that’s why Jaden Smith always has that stupid expression on his face. I’ve seen pics of the girl in an itty bitty bikini, why is this different?

    • Whitey_Bulging

      Why would this surprise? The entire family started making money because one daughter did a sex tape. They’ve learned what sells. Got to keep the checks coming in.

    • Snarky404

      I don’t blame Kylie. I have many friends who have to closely monitor their daughters choices (clothes, makeup, hair) because they all want to emulate the celebrities and models they look up to. That’s just what good parents do. Let me say that again, KRIS, THAT’S WHAT GOOD PARENTS DO!

    • SorryAmerican

      And how did these people become important? They are just media trolls.

    • Carla W

      I guess Kris Jenner won’t be happy till she whores out her whole family.

    • Amanda

      How did she get her boobs to look like that?! I know her boobs aren’t actually that big, I’m curious & jealous.

      • scir91onYouTube

        liquify filter tool in photoshop CS6. that’s how.

    • joefranklins

      I don’t see any pubic … no pubic, nothing to see here, move along folks. this is all BS

    • BK

      The wrong people are freaking out, it should be Chis and Bruce, obviously they know what she is wearing…SMH, growing up to soon is a train wreck waiting to happen..

    • Jim Polston

      She is quite attractive, but the dress is terrible. She should have took it off and went NUDE!!!!

    • DarkMarcsun

      They whored all their other daughters out a long time ago, why should she be any different?

    • Scott

      Huh….I only click on here from a site like ESPN, or something of the like, and at that point almost(I think literally) every article has annoyed me. Until this one. An actual reasonable and logical article. She does look pretty amazing though….I’m not counting down until she’s 18, BUT….that picture and dress is going for a reaction. I’m not going to lie and say she’s not accomplishing that.