Jennifer Lawrence Got A Pixie Cut And Everyone Hates It

As you know, Jennifer Lawrence is the most beloved celebrity currently in circulation. She is precious to pop culture, like platinum and giant sapphires that people sneakily steal in movies to several measures of staccato symphonies. And today, homegirl chopped off her hair.

She posted the photo of her new cut on Facebook along with the caption, “Headed up north for #GLOBALFANDAY with The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast. Follow this page all day for updates!” Lawrence styled her new asymmetrical hair with what I would guess was wax and a bit of mousse, then accompanied the look with a simple black blazer and white scoop-neck shirt.

Honestly, I really love this haircut on her. As somebody who has admittedly only been a half-fan of Lawrence for a long time (I know, my intro was deceiving, but I was just going off of the general glorifying demeanor with the media treats her), I am now inexplicably a little more fond of her. I think it separates her considerably from her Hunger Games look., which is always an important thing for young (and older) performers to do when playing an iconic role in a popular series.

Julia would have you know, however, that she “hates it.” Hates it. Liz thinks she now looks like Kate Gosselin, so take that as you will. They say they like short hair, but “not like this.” :(

Oh, and everyone else apparently hates it, too. According to International Business Times:

…social media is already buzzing about the shorter ‘do. “What the heck? Why would you cut your gorgeous hair?? Oh no!!!” wrote one fan, Carrie Buckles of Salem, Mass., on the social media page Wednesday, a similar sentiment of many of the Kentucky-based actress’ fans. “You had such beautiful long hair Jen! Why did you have to cut it off!” said fan, Farrah Faraci.

Also, as a side note, our video producer Meg was just planning on asking all of you if she should chop off her hair similarly to this cut, so stay tuned for that and be sure to vote because as you may have noticed, we value your opinions here (sometimes a little too much). Personally, I am a big fan of nearly all pixie cuts with the exception of my own in the 8th grade when I decided to try Mandy Moore‘s look from How To Deal and wound up with a mullet. For the record, braces and a mullet are not a good look, though I suspect some people would disagree if J Law showed up on the red carpet wearing them.

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    • CMJ

      I don’t hate it….BUT, from that angle it is veering into Gosselin territory and I don’t want that to be my first reaction. I JUST WANT BETTER FOR HER.

      ETA: I am being picky when I say I don’t think this is a real pixie cut? Something about the front just takes it out of pixie territory for me. Am I being a hair snob?

      • JennyWren

        No, that was my first reaction too. Not a pixie.

        I honestly don’t like this cut very much. I think it looks a bit dated. A classic pixie would look bangin’ on her (she has a very classically pretty face, I think she’d be a ringer for a young Elizabeth Taylor) but this just looks uncharacteristically wishy-washy.

    • Samantha

      I think with less volume, it’s got potential. The asymmetrical pixie cut almost always seems better in theory than in execution. It’s refreshing to see that Jennifer Lawrence is not immune to the edgy haircut dilemma.

    • Mars
    • Anna

      Is no one saying Bieber? Though I have to admit my first reaction was Gosselin. And CMJ, I agree, not a pixie. Signed, Admitted hair snob

    • April Dawn Bell

      I think it’s a wig…

    • Anonachocolatemousse

      I think she looks great. But I pretty much love anything she does.

    • ErisHilton

      You know you’ve made it in life when your haircut is reviewed by International Business Times

    • kellyegan

      Power to the pixie!

    • Nerdy Lucy

      I still like her head. Hair. Whole head.

    • Char

      I, for one, dig it. I may be biased because I have short hair right now as well but I think she’s working it.

      I’ve never understood why people freak out so much about cutting long hair short. It’s just hair, people.

    • Cate

      I don’t hate it, but I think it would be way prettier if she got a true pixie, like, Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby short. That would be truly adorable.

    • CrazyLogic

      She still looks awesome.

      Hard not to when you’re one of those people that is awesome personified.

    • Kimmy West

      I love it.

    • Kwinn

      I love it. She is a beautiful woman with a strong sense of self. More power to her.

    • Michael Reading

      Well I love it she always looks amazing.

    • Pamela Woodward Greene

      Everyone DOESN’T hate it. She looks great with it. Besides she said it was temporary to get rid of hair that had been over processed for the different film roles she has had over the past few years