Carson Daly Publicly Announces Gross Thoughts About Christina Aguilera’s Boobs & Weight

Christina Aguilera and Carson Daly on The Voice

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – NOVEMBER 07: Carson Daly & Christina Aguilera arrive at the ‘The Voice’ Season 5 Top 12 Event at Universal Studios Hollywood on November 7, 2013 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

As you know or do not know because you do not give a flying furry foxChristina Aguilera lost some weight and everyone is all, “SHE LOOKS SO HEALTHY” even though you know that is as far as possible from the actual reason they care about her weight. Cue Carson Daly and his BS compliments! During a press conference last night, Daly opted to comment on the aforementioned weight loss, because that’s the most important thing about his costar, her talent, her career and her personality.

“You look incredible,” he said. ”We appreciate you kept your boobs.” Uh…

No. Please do not ever say thing about (A) your coworkers’ bodies nor (B) your coworkers’ anatomy in front of a room full of people. You wouldn’t hear somebody saying, “Hey, Seth Rogan, you look incredible, but on behalf of everybody, we appreciate you keeping your balls.”

Aguilera apparently “squealed” in response, ”Oh my God!” to which Daly replied, ”It’s true!”

“Some things never change,” noted Aguilera, a statement that is kind of depressing when you think about it. Because, you know, things don’t change that should — like the fact that celebrities, writers and general humans still feel it’s completely appropriate to discuss how much they “appreciate” somebody continuing to have breasts. Ugh.

Side note: Does anybody else feel like the most bizarre and perplexing part of this whole thing the revelation is the fact that Daly is employed?

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    • Roxanne Marie Zoltan

      This is so gross. I’m watching The Voice while I read this, and now I feel so uncomfortable.

    • Sarah Hollowell

      My first reaction to this seriously was, “Wait, Carson Daly still does stuff? He’s still a person who people notice?”

    • Frances Locke

      Wait…so you’re telling me that people still pay Carson Daly to say stuff?

    • TonyHill

      I became a fan from watching her on SNL. She is amazing!

    • ben

      someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed

    • CMJ

      So, uh, a lot of Carson Daly fans on the down-vote police?

    • keanesian

      Isn’t it a basic law of physics that breast implants remain attached to you when you lose weight?

    • Jacqueline kimura

      And that she looks so much better now! I thought maybe a teeny bit was gone from her chin too. This is amazing! The change is noticeable. People doing cosmetic surgeries to look youthful is common nowadays.