What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About You

apple pie thanksgiving ledepic

Thanksgiving dishes are much like the family members clustered around to eat them: Everyone has a favorite. Sure, we try to pretend that we love them all equally and that our favorite Thanksgiving dish is the leftover sandwich made by stacking cranberries on stuffing on turkey on potatoes on bread, but everyone has a Thanksgiving dish they like better than all the others. Personally, I haven’t thought about anything but stuffing for three days now. But that’s not a productive way to spend one’s life, so instead I’m going to make some assumptions about what your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you.

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      This just made me SO hungry.

    • Mars

      BS, my favorite ninja turtle is Donatello! However, I often wonder how I made it to adulthood. +1 for The Gloss.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        My favorite Ninja Turtle is also Donatello and I do not care for designer collaborations! Damn your science!

    • Eileen

      Potatoes are my favorite, but roasted with garlic and rosemary, not mashed. I do own several strands of pearls, though.

    • Guest

      Thank you for featuring my brussel sprouts!

    • Amanda

      Hm. I do love funny cat gifs just about more than anything in the world. I also have no idea how I made it into adulthood. But I really do have poor impulse control. Now I want stuffing.

    • Joanie Pop

      Uh…rolls?! Where are the freaking rolls?