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Lady Gaga’s Flying Dress Is A WTF Masterpiece

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Room At Lady Gaga's artRave

Lady Gaga wore a flying dress to a party last night, because of course she did. According to Fashionista, GAGA threw a cool hip art party that you weren’t invited to called artRave super late last night, where in addition to performing new songs and showing new pieces by Jeff Koons and Marina Abromovic, Lady Gaga went ahead and wore a magical flying dress. What sorcery is this? Is it basically a remote controlled helicopter with a Gaga inside? Actually, it’s not magic or a remote helicopter; it’s a hovercraft designed by TechHaus, which is apparently a branch of the Haus of Gaga. They know how this all sounds, right?

The hovercraft is called “Volantis,” and it seems pretty complicated.

The “dress” portion of Volantis was made of fiberglass, and was able to lift about three feet off of the ground.

That sounds 1. uncomfortable and 2. dangerous. If she falls, won’t the fiberglass shatter everywhere? Perhaps the logistics of this are simply above my head. Or perhaps it’s supposed to be dangerous in a sexy way, and we all know that girl really commits.

So Gaga, tell us (or MTV) what Volantis is all about.

“Volantis is essentially a vehicle. Although [Volantis] is a vehicle, she is essentially a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for their voices… Youth all over the world.”

And we can add another great Gaga quote to the collection. God love Lady Gaga for appointing herself the voice of the youth all over the world through her weird hovercraft dress. Lady Gaga’s flying dress is here to save the children.

For good measure, here’s a video of Gaga taking Volantis for a test fly. I can hear the voices of America’s children already. They want us to shut up so they can keep sexting.

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  • LynnKell

    I think I’m actually giving a flying fuck for this dress.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      Nailed it.