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Awkward Quotes From Cindy Crawford’s Topless Photoshoot (Ft. Harry Styles)

cindy crawford v mag still

Forever the groundbreaker we know and love, Cindy Crawford proves that you’re never too old to pose topless. Unfortunately, Cindy, you are too old to hang out with Harry Styles.

The 47-year-old supermodel looks beyond gorgeous in her recent V Magazine spread. This shoot has everything: menswear, sideboob, defined cheekbones, birthmarks, boyish French models, Lana Del Rey. But way more importantly, the accompanying interview is a goldmine or weirdo quotes.

After talking about being a Midwestern girl (Crawford spent 15 years in New York and now lives in Malibu) and how the highlight of her career was doing a George Michael music video (???), she divulged some details about her WTF friendship with One Direction member, Harry.

He stopped by to say hi when my kids and I were making pizzas. My kids were doing their own little pizzas and they couldn’t slide them off the pan. Harry goes, ‘Well, did you put down enough flour so they wouldn’t stick?’ And my husband says, ‘How in the world do you know that?’ and my little girl chimes in, ‘Oh, he used to work for a bakery, Dad. Everyone knows that.’

Come ON, Dad. You’re embarrassing us in front of Mom’s 19-year-old best friend!

IDK, I’m not an expert or anything, but if you’re surprised to hear that someone understands the concept of hot food sticking to pans, you’re probably too old to roll with them. Then again, we did just learn that Crawford lost her old gig with Revlon for being a jerk, so I should probably shut up before I get on her bad side.

But weird judgement aside, the woman can still hold her own as a model. Her V look is age-appropriate and stunning. As for the wack interview? I guess she’s just being Cindy.

Via V Magazine / Photo: YouTube

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  • Julia Sonenshein

    Who gave Harry Styles her home address?

  • Rachel

    They are TOTALLY doing it. Harry’s into older women. I need to give him my home address also.