You Absolutely Should Not Try This Inexpensive New Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

helen-mirren-skin-careSometimes we hear about new beauty treatments that use inexpensive items in our kitchens already, and we almost always want to try them. This is not one of those times.

New research out of Stanford University indicates that household bleach can reduce inflammation and treat certain skin problems. In particular, it appears to be potentially useful in treating the large, painful, red sores that appear on cancer patients being treated with radiation. It also has significant potential as an aging treatment.

According to the BBC, giving mice a bath in diluted bleach for two weeks made their skin younger. The skin was thicker and showed signs of more skin cells being produced.

But this is just an initial trial using heavily diluted bleach, and the researchers are adamant that nobody go off and try to rub bleach on themselves as some sort of ill-advised home remedy.

“I cannot emphasize enough that it is very important that individuals with inflammatory conditions do not apply bleach directly to their skin,” said Dr. Graham Johnson of the British Association of Dermatologists. “We often see patients with severe reactions to even mild bleaches, and I would recommend that people with inflamed or broken skin avoid contact with bleach in those areas.”

So go ahead and slather yourself in apple cider vinegar, avocado, olive oil, mashed bananas, or anything else in your kitchen. But please, please, please do not rub bleach on your face. You will end up like the crazy racist girl who burned her face off on Nip/Tuck.

Via BBC/Photo: WENN

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    • John Harper Jr

      It’s interesting how websites transform information, similar to the grade school experiment of sending a piece of information from one person to another and watching how it morphs.

      It was a bleach solution in the study. I think the percentage of bleach was .005%

    • Kate Kavel

      anti aging remedies like household bleach can reduce inflammation in skin and helps prevent skin problems like wrinkles and cellulite.

    • Linda Perkins

      These tips are really cool. Anti-aging products are a trend these days. Women and men are having so many options to choose from when it comes to these anti-aging products in the market in order to preserve and maintain the youthful visage. Choosing the right one counts so much. Facial bleaching is never an option for me. Thanks!


    • Sharon A. Swanson

      Sorry definitely not trying this! I keep it simple with my skincare regimen. Puristics anti aging does the trick!

    • pabloheitmeyer

      Household bleach is not 100% NaCIO / Sodium Hypochlorite… and you have to figure that in. So if your goal was to make a 2oz solution of water to use as bleach facial solution, you’d need 3.58ml of liquid bleach, assuming the bleach is 8.25% NaCIO, which it usually is, but it will say on the bottle. 8.25% of 3.58ml is 0.296 ml of NaClO, and that amount is mixed with 59ml/2oz of water will give you that .005% solution.