7 Ways Ladies Can Sacrifice Their Privileges For International Men’s Day

dawson leery is crying male tears

The geniuses at Vanity Fair have informed us that today is International Men’s Day– a holiday whose objectives include “promoting gender equality” by “celebrating [men's] achievements” and “highlighting the discrimination against them.”

The website for IMD informs us that “the ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood.” To coincide with VF’s brilliant piece, “Celebrating International Men’s Day: 10 Steps So Easy Even a Woman Can Follow Along,” we’d like to take a moment to teach you, our readers, a few ways that you too can “sacrifice your needs” to celebrate men.

1. In order to sympathize with the oppression that men face every day, consider spending today getting paid less for doing the same job.

2. Since the creators of International Men’s Day obviously feel left out when women always get to be the ones to complain about subjugation, make an effort today to let men in on the fun. Gather a group of girlfriends and vote on men’s issues that don’t affect you at all.

3. This holiday encourages the world to “focus on men’s health,” so take time out of your busy schedule to give every man you see a mandatory, invasive butt ultrasound. Charge him 500 bucks.

4. Since women obviously control the entertainment business and it’s always in our favor, get off your high horse, ladies, and watch an Oscar-winning movie directed by a man. Hint: It’ll have to be any movie at all besides The Hurt Locker.

5. For one day, ladies, suspend your incessant need to be cat-called, followed, and harassed by people who physically possess the power to murder you with their hands. Show men what they’ve been missing out on! Make obscene gestures to every guy who walks by, rate his body on a scale from one to ten, and ask him considerate questions like “Where’d your ass go, baby?”

6. If you’re a woman in a managerial position, sacrifice your need to be surrounded by competent (male) workers. Take some time today to refuse to hire any men in their late twenties, on the basis that “they might get somebody pregnant and have to take time off work.”

7. In order to promote gender equality, devote an hour today to studying up on one of the male US Presidents.

For one day only, stop hoarding all the privileges in the world, women! Men have been historically degraded, ignored, and victimized, and it’s time to give them their due. Happy International Men’s Day!

Via Vanity Fair / Photo: Sony Pictures

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    • elle

      Dying at that VF article! Lol at the “objectives” of the creators of international men day….

    • Arielle

      I like Hayley. I like her a lot. But this was kind of insensitive. :(

    • Cara

      Brilliant, Hayley! See, feminists don’t hate men, we recognize their subjugation just like any other marginalized group!

    • Samantha_Escobar

      I can’t stop laughing.

    • Amanda

      Huh. I thought the VF article was satire.

      • Tara

        Yeah Hayley was saying that the VF article was brilliant and this article is to coincide with the VF. One.

    • Char

      *slow clap* BRAVO! To this and the VF article. Both fantastic little slices of satire.

    • Chuck

      I feel sorry for boys born in the future…damn if they do and damn if they don’t. Also, we seems to cornered the racism issues. Black women should find this even funnier than a white women….

    • Ricardo Aguilera

      How cute…a feminist taking a day to spread awareness on a health issue that kills men to spew her anti-man feminist hate speech. I actually have a better list for you…if women wanna celebrate international men’s day I suggest the following.

      1: Tell every woman to get out of their comfortable office jobs and work the dangerous, outdoor jobs that cause 93% of work related deaths to be men.

      2: Tell women their victimization in domestic abuse or sexual assault is less important and distracts from the true victims of rape and domestic abuse…also remind women and girls that they are inherently prone to raping and assaulting and that they must be taught not to rape and assault.

      3: Tell women that breast cancer deserves a fraction of the funding as prostate cancer because women’s lives aren’t as important.

      4: Tell women that only men get reproductive rights and if women want or don’t want to become mothers then they should have thought twice about spreading those lets.

      5: Tell women that even though they are falling behind in education and are less likely to graduate…it doesn’t matter because clearly they are just unable to keep up.

      6: Tell women that female genital mutilation is funny and doesn’t matter so that Sharon Osborn can laugh her face off the next time a husband mutilates his wife and also consider it”wonderful.”

      7: Tell women that its ok for articles on esteemed news sites to routinely ridicule and demean their issues and suffering because”matriarchy and privilege”means women can never be victims or even worse off then men.

      8: Tell women that affirmative action and quotas only work when it’s men who are the minority in any given situation.

      9: Tell women that the S.C.U.W manifesto is just a “parody”no one takes seriously and that misandry and anti-woman bias can’t really exist.

      10: Tell women that as a gender, they are growing increasingly more useless and pointless which can prompt books such as”are women necessary”and launch debates about women actually de-evolving.

      • Chuck

        Thank you!

      • CMJ
      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Riiiight….plz do go on.

        I’d like to know the justification in explaining why men don’t have men shelters even though they are as likely to be abused in domestic relationships and comprise the majority of the homeless…it is because the poor womenz would start crying that their birth control isn’t be subsizide if we dare focus on real problems?

      • womansurvivor

        Oh please do tell me, Ricardo, about the numbers of men who are murdered each week by violent spouses in the same numbers as women killed by men. And let me dry your tears when a man gets shot through the head for asking for education for boys.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Well considering men are assaulted by women 50% of the time equal to women by men…and considering women tend to kill by proxy which is often times not considered “murder” by the woman directly….sorry what was your point again?

        To that end…men get killed plenty for having a emo haircut or failing to pray to the wrong god. Men account for the majority of death by violence…women are the least likely demographic to suffer violence. Get back to me when women’s death rates and victimization of violence even approaches what men face daily.

      • womansurvivor

        Oh, Ricardo and completely flawed studies on women committing violence to men in equal numbers as vice-versa – hahahahaha. Or, typical MRA blah blah blah. Even if you don’t want to believe the dreadful feminists who clearly shrink your poor threatened little nuts to the size of raisins, Amnesty International will tell you that women are the greatest single group on the receiving end of human rights violations – engineered largely, I’m afraid, by men. But you wouldn’t listen anyway because you are an asshole.

      • womansurvivor

        Some reading, you silly tool, though I doubt you will actually do it: http://www.xyonline.net/content/domestic-violence-and-gender-xy-collection

      • Chuck

        It’s more men fighting for your rights, right now! Why hasn’t the law changed requiring women to register for selected service? Yes, some women fight our country battles too, but the majority are men. There are more men in graves that has given their life for jackass like you.

      • sensorsweep

        are male shelters and support systems underfunded? yes.
        but so are female shelters and they make up the majority of the assaulted. attacking one group’s insufficiently funded support system as a way of bringing attention to another group’s need has to be the worst way to try and help people.

      • womansurvivor

        But teh menz feel automatically entitled to have what women have fought for – to the extent that they tie up shelters in litigation.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        What have women fought for?

        You do realize that nearly every choice a woman has now in society is in someway subsidized by tax payers…even feminist was bankrolled by wealthy benefactos. Women have never fought for anything..what you meant to say is bitching and crying till mostly men did the work for them.

      • womansurvivor

        Um, no, I don’t realise any such thing. You are so full of shit and are making yourself ridiculous by proclaiming things that are, with minimal education, obviously disprovable. Women fought for and had to justify every penny spent on resources for the violence committed against them – no men did the work for them and in fact many actively pulled against them. Speaking of “pulling”, why don’t you bugger off and enjoy your tax-payer funded boner meds.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Did you at least look anything up before spewing this?

      • Leosolaris

        As far as women’s shelters go, I would think that having such things would help prevent more women from getting needlessly pregnant. A woman on the street can become impregnated, a man cannot. Nature may not be fair, but it is what it is. It makes sense to provide some extra protection for a woman in the efforts of not dragging a new child into a desperate situation. It may sound harsh, but if the biological parents can’t provide for their child, the new life they’ve brought into the world will likely become a leech on society (at least until they are able to care for themselves). Having a bunch of leeches just isn’t economical and it makes for additional suffering for the poor kid. Additionally, women, at least in the past, are more likely to have children with them. I think most of these shelters cater not only to women, but to any young kids they have with them. Men likely don’t get coddled in this fashion because they, at least in the past, didn’t often have children with them. Society’s trends may be changing around these days, but for now, these kinds of establishments can only play catch up.
        However, I would hope that both genders can be compassionate enough to the plight of others rather than getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of credit claiming. Honestly, does it matter? So long as things are improving for the better, I don’t care who does it, or what gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class etc. they come from. As an individual, the best we can hope is to contribute to these improvements, rather than degrading the lives of those around us.
        Anywho, that’s my two cents. Toodle-pip, have a nice day.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Women shelters will not admit male teenagers or males past a certain age even if they are underage and accompanied by their mothers.

        These social justice programs are suppose to help people with the most problems are they not?

        Why is it the demographic of people most likely to face street violence, and as likely to face domestic violence get voice whatsoever….it has nothing to do with men”not wanting to get colldeled”and everything to do with maintain a certain narrative. This is why feminist groups have engage in deliberate suppression of male victims for decades.

      • womansurvivor

        And Ricardo, stop being a hypocrite – the only “bitching and crying” on this page is coming from YOU! Waaahhhh…. horrible feminists ignoring the 50% bawwww….

        Sigh…just another dickhead who files violence against women under “bitching.” Nice try, tosspot.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Yeah heaven forbid equality actually mean equality…silly me.

      • laprofe63

        Ricardo, please, you are doing yourself a disservice by being a prick. You have legitimate gripes, but you are focused on the wrong culprit. http://www.nomas.org/node/176

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Not true.

        Men are 50% of the victims of domestic violence and are the biggest victims of street violence and murder. In terms of building a shelter for the population of people most likely to be beaten and killed…it isn’t women. In fact women as a group as less likely to face as much violence as children do. Men are the biggest victims of nearly all forms of violence…look it up.

      • amycas

        Men don’t have men’s shelters because men never built shelters for fuck’s sake. It’s not like communities started building women’s shelters out of the goodness of their hearts. Women fought for, and raised money for and built those shelters! And you know what? When a male victim of abuse needs help and there’s no designated men’s shelter, the women’s shelter will help them out and put them up in a nearby hotel for free OR get them in contact with a men’s group that can help them.

        So basically, women’s shelters were built by women for women b/c the men in charge woudln’t do shit for us. Men are now whining that they don’t also have shelters, even though they have all the power in the world to build them. AND the icing on the cake? Women’s shelters help men who need it anyway. HURRAY for demonizing women and feminists!

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        They don’t actually help men..women shelters do not include men into them and will even evict teenage age boys under the guise that women feel threaten by them. Men shelters are never created because everytime feminist talk about the epidemic of domestic violence, they purposefully ignore the fact that 50% of the victims of domestic violence and the overwhelming majority of the homeless are men…as such public spending and the initiatives to help people in need ignore 50% of the population.

        When confronted with this fact, feminist groups will decry that men are trying to derail attention away from the “true victims”or morons like you will just say men’s suffering doesn’t matter so who gives a fuck. Men’s shelters don’t exist because sexist bigots like you unfortunately are the majority.

      • womansurvivor

        Uh, who’s saying men’s suffering doesn’t matter, you angry and yes – derailing – little dumpling? Exactly where has this been said? Nowhere and by nobody – but YOU have consistently swept aside any focus on the very real violence experienced by women. You’ve been called on telling lies, which is what you are doing. And there you go again with that 50 percent thing again…snort :D If you want shelters, stop moaning and go out and fight for them just as women had to do. Just don’t pretend that men are battered in equal numbers to women – it is not helpful to men who have experienced violence and makes you look really silly. And, erm, men cannot experience sexism, having been the engineers of it and having benefited from it. Oh…you make it too easy, Ricardo.

      • laprofe63

        Masculinity has said that men’s suffering doesn’t matter. In fact, it has required that men deal with their suffering in silence–stoicism being a core value of male gender performance (there is remarkable cultural uniformity in this around the globe). You are confused and ill-informed. Feminists are fighting for greater flexibility in the gender game–traditional male power needs for most men to be disposable so that a few men at the top of the pyramid can reap all the benefits of the hierarchical social/class structure. You are right to be angry, but you’re angry at the wrong people.

      • Chuck

        I guarantee…the men in those situations are like the women. No money, no place, and definitely no power. You talk as if every man on earth is privileged. I have some shocking news…we all don’t. There are more homeless men then you guess it…homeless women.

      • laprofe63

        The gender hierarchy that men have inherited from the “great men” of the past, have made them disposable. OF course most men are not privileged! That is how it is “supposed to be” –patriarchy privileges the top dog on purpose. You should take this up with the men at the top of the hierarchy, not the women fighting for greater equality/equity.

      • killer3000ad


      • Mel

        You should really seek some help for your rage and delusion. I wish you all the best of luck!

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        You can happily explain where I’m wrong…plz dont be a typical feminist and shut talk for the sake of making noise.

      • Mel

        You’re wrong in your assumptions that nobody cares about male victims. I care. I think the other posters here care. There are a couple of differences, though. First of all, just like in medical trials and other matters, the biggest problem gets the most attention. And you can’t reasonably argue that men aren’t the majority of perpetrators acts while women the majority of victims. It’s just math. Secondly, if there were a real movement of men for male victims, it would get attention! Instead of men wanting to help victims, they seem to want to rage at women. That’s simply not a productive use of your time and efforts. So, instead of hate, try productivity! Male victims deserve it, and maybe you could be the one to affect some positive change. Good luck! I’ll even get you started: instead of name calling and crying, try focusing on your actual issues. Of course, I’m just a silly “typical feminist” so clearly I’m not to be taken seriously. Oh well, I tried.

      • sensorsweep

        ricardo’s argument based on an imagined finite amount of funding for domestic abuse shelters is beyond frustrating.
        how can people who claim to be supportive of one group’s victimization in the same breath belittle another group in a similar situation.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Because I believe violence against anybody shouldn’t be tolerated…I don’t draw a line in the sand and say that because you have a Y chromosome you don’t deserve help of any kind.

      • Chuck

        Didn’t this article do the same thing, which started the debate. No, you guys are making light of the men…who are not the 1%.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        The thing is your wrong in your assessment.

        In terms of who is the biggest victims..well I welcome you to actually bother with the statistics of the situation. Men are 50% of the victims of domestic violence and the most victimized group of street violence and nearly all forms of violence including murder. The myth that women are the biggest victims of violence isn’t true at all…by sheer numbers and statistics it is actually men whom are twice as likely to be victims of stranger violence and who will likely die a violent death. Even in domestic relationships, women are likely to initiate violence and in fact…the majority of directional violence is from women to men because men are more likely to not fight back.

        However all these facts are ignored though because we are so used to male victims. Nobody cares about the over 90% work related death rate of male workers in the same way nobody cares that husbands and boyfriends are as likely to be victims as their wives and girlfriends.

      • womansurvivor

        These facts are ignored because they are lies. And when men experience violence, it is generally other men committing violence against them. Just love the attempt to create pain Olympics, BTW…Pffft…

      • Chuck

        Catherine Becker

      • Mel

        I’m truly impressed by your ability to make up statistics. That is a fantastic skill. Well played, sir! Since you’re clearly not interested in actual facts, then discussing a real issues is pointless. Good day to you, and I hope your weekend is enjoyable.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Plz feel free to disprove me.



        50% of victims of domestic abuse are men and lesbian relationships ships are the most violence of all domestic relationships.


        Check mate:)

      • Linda

        No sense of humor when you want to be a victim, right Ricardo?

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Like I said before, plz disprove my facts and tell me why male victims don’t matter as much as women?

    • March

      That site is so hilarious, people. “Over 60 countries are participating in the celebrations. Too many to list.” Yeah, these guys are for serious, all right.

    • Sia

      I get you are trying to be sarcastic and all but the “focus on men’s health” one missed the mark. It is possible to care about both men and women’s health. It is valid to take sometime to reflect and inform about the issues and diseases that affect men (which don’t get nearly as much publicity as other diseases). Doing so does not take away from caring about those that affect women. Also, the abortion debate has no place there, it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

      • laprofe63

        serious diseases, life-threatening, yes. but think of all the research dollars that went into boner pills. for what? same for baldness. puleez.

      • imwithstupid

        How you feel if you lost all of your hair? How would you feel if you were physically unable to have sex? Your argument is not well thought out. Are you blinded by feminist rage, or just stupid?

      • laprofe63

        “Blinded by feminist rage”? Hyperbole much? Bill Gates said it: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-03/14/bill-gates-capitalism


        ED pills were designed as blood pressure medication. The boner inducing was a side effect. L2READ before you spout non-sense.

      • amycas

        And yet there’s no argument over whether or not those pills that are currently used to give men boners should be covered by insurance. Fuck you.

      • sensorsweep

        look, you can correct someone’s error without being a complete douche about it.
        viagra was originally funded for non boner related reasons. you are correct.
        it was also given more funding after discovering its boner producing effects. which is also fine.
        but the politicians and “think” tanks that routinely attack contraception and abortion coverage, vilifying female sexuality never say a word about boner pills being covered by insurance.

      • Chuck

        So, all men are the devil because of the 1 %?

      • Linda

        You’re a little sensitive, eh Chuck?

      • Chuck

        Are you serious…it’s women who are sensitive. Not all men are evil, but I’m beginning to believe that all women are!

      • sensorsweep

        yes. that is exactly what i’m implying.
        so, as a man i am also the devil… but the devil lies… so.. ?

      • laprofe63

        Um, yeah, sorta: “Phase I clinical trials under the direction of Ian Osterloh suggested that the drug had little effect on angina, but that it could induce marked penile erections.[1][47]”

        It was obvious pretty early on that the only “blood pressure” benefit was to the penis.

      • amycas

        Why does my right to access safe medical abortion not have a place in discussions of women’s health? Fuck off with your bullshit that abortion is somehow not “real” health care, when access to it saves lives.

      • Chuck

        And it’s women who circumcise boys everyday…where are they right fuck head?

      • sensorsweep

        and a majority of infant boys don’t have fathers?

      • amycas

        Oh and by the way, until a couple decades ago, most medical studies focused on men and only men. It wasn’t until, what 2000?, that doctors realized the signs for heart attack and stroke are different in women than they are in men, b/c they had only been analyzing male bodies for so long. Tell me more about how “men’s health” is ignored.

      • sensorsweep

        i read somewhere that part of lack of info on female heart attack/stroke signs is because american network tv won’t show breasts, and you can’t defibrillate someone with a bra on, so medical dramas nearly always have men having heart attacks, clutching their chests, complaining of arm pain. i can’t remember where i read that..

      • amycas

        That makes sense from a pop culture stand point, but the fact still remains that medical studies for decades only used male subjects. The same is true for a lot of early psychological studies, that only used young, healthy, rich, white male college students as subjects.

      • sensorsweep


      • Herb

        Your so wrong, you give feminist rage a bad name. If this is the attitude most feminists have then my opinion on women’s issues is completely changed.

    • Kara

      Oh, man, I guess I better start scouring the bookstores for some male authors, because they just don’t get the credit they deserve.

      • Chuck

        Yes, do that. I will start to scouring divorce cases where women lost half they possession. I will check abortion clinic where they men had zero input on the decisions. Or men shelter in those cases where the man was beating by his woman…and still kicked out the house.

        Hopefully, all the men you know….disappear.

      • amycas

        Actually no, there isn’t a bias in divorce cases. You bought stuff with community property money while you were married? Congratulations! That stuff is now community property and can be split up during a divorce! And, oh my glob!, it works the same for a woman if *she* uses community money to buy things!

        Abortion affects MY body, not the dude’s. If you’re so concerned that a woman will have an abortion instead of carrying your child, then maybe you should talk to the women you fuck before fuckin them and make sure you’re on the same page about this issue. Or, ya know, recognize that pregnancy affects HER body and NOT yours.

        And why don’t MRA’s spend time and money BUILDING men’s shelters if you think there’s such a deficiency? Seriously, there’s so much whining on this issue, but I never see any actual initiative to get shit done. You know where all those women shelters came from? That’s right: women fucking built them! You know what happens to male victims who don’t have a shelter? The local women’s shelter puts them up in a hotel for free and helps them get in contact with other people who can help them land on their feet. Stop lying about shit that you know nothing about.

      • Herb

        Women didn’t build the shelters… Your just trying to make men look bad now. I think your morals are slightly skewed.

      • Ricardo Aguilera

        Women didn’t built their shelters. They were built by contracted construction crews that were most likely either all male or mostly male. Men cannot get a shelter because for decades feminist scholars and advocates have repressed male victims of violence and convinced the world only women suffer from violence or at the very least suffer the most from it which is empirically false.

        If its your body and your choice then why do women get to charge men with child support if be doesn’t want the child…why do you women get decide when men can and cannot be fathers. Where are the feminist demanding child support be abolished?

      • e_violin

        Bullshit. The earliest ‘shelters’ were women taking abused women and their children into their own homes. Later on, women raised the money and did all the planning necessary to build bigger facilities. Buying land and constructing a building both cost money. (Women undoubtedly did most or all of the actual construction on many of these facilities too – you have no way of knowing whether that’s the case or not.) Even now, most women’s shelters are full to capacity. If men needed and wanted a men’s shelter, there is nothing stopping them from raising the money to build one.

        I’ll advocate for an end to child support payments when women are economically and socially equal to men, when we get equal pay for equal work, when contraception and abortions are freely available to all women, and when rape culture has been demolished. In the meantime, use condoms.

      • womansurvivor

        Hopefully YOU disappear and quit the delusional whining.

      • Chuck

        Hopefully, ext to your chucky self.

    • Martha

      Brilliant! Loved it! <3 Every bloody day is 'International Men's Day'! That is precisely why we NEED a special 'Woman's Day', while men have it right from their birth to the last second before they die.

      • Chuck

        White international men’s day…more like it! Follow by white women..

    • killer3000ad

      One giant strawman article.

      • womansurvivor

        One giant one-note poster.

      • CMJ

        Cool Story Bro.

    • Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

      This is so very logical. Because mens’ issues should obviously be the same thing as women’s issues, only just flipped on their heads!

      So, to take just one simple example, we don’t have to worry about prostate cancer being deadly and the huge struggle it is to get men to have the needed examinations because men don’t get breast cancer! If they don’t get breast cancer, why should we even think they might have health issues that are specific related to their sex?

      Also we don’t have to worry about how men are also more often the targets of violence because, hey presto!, men are also more likely to be the perpetrators! And its obviously the same men doing the killing and getting killed. there could be no possible gender-based examination of this violence because we all know that sex/gender issues never come up when men target other men for torture, murder, rape…

      And hey, speaking about rape, forget about the way the rape of men is played for laughs, almost universally in popular culture. Forget about the fact that U.S. prisons are constructed to employ sexual violence against men as a structural part of the carceral regime. Forget the fact that in many nations in the world, men can’t even legally complain about being raped because to do so would be an admission of homosexual activity, which is against the law. And let’s forget, entirely, that majority of sexual assault victims in the U.S. military are, in fact, men. there is simply no possible way that discussing men as having sex/gender related issues could be relevant to any of these things.

      Finally, let’s just ignore the fact that family and custody law in the U.S. is demonstratably biased against men because this sort of things doesn’t effect men in the exact same ways that women are affected by similar legal issues related to sex/gender.

      I agree that it’s ridiculous to set aside a day to “celebrate men’s achievements”, given our culture’s almost exclusive focus on masculinity as heroics.

      I do not think, however, that it is so obeviously a joke to talk about men’s issues. It’s depressing to see that there are still plenty of folks out there who seem tot hink that it is.

      • Topf

        Men CAN get breast cancer. Otherwise, this is a great comment (feminist here). I also don’t like the minimizing of rape amongst men, the incarceration system, etc. I wish all the rational and intelligent and compassionate people could work together.

      • sensorsweep

        richard roundtree (shaft!) is a breast cancer survivor.

      • Guest

        men can get breast cancer. richard roundtree (shaft!) is a survivor.

      • sensorsweep

        i get so fucking angry whenever some cop show has the “do you know what they do to pretty boys like you?” line in it. the way that state funded sexual violence in for profit prisons is normalized on daily afternoon re-runs of almost any show involving an interrogation room.

        if your “fact that family and custody law in the U.S. …..” comment is disguising a “the gold-digging ex-wife gets half” type of comment i’m gonna have to disagree.

    • Jess

      This article is MUCH better than the vanity fair one. VF just made fun of harmful female stereotypes. This actually points out the inanity of having a Men’s day, and it’s done in an entertaining way <3

    • Jeeka krishna

      If these things happen to a women then its a social concern and if these things happen to men then they are funny ….hahaha are u guys really feminist or sexist ?

    • CassandraT

      I found this much funnier