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Dying Woman Travels Cross-Country To Complete Her Heartbreaking Love Story

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Sit down, shut up, and grab a box of tissues – a terminally ill woman traveled across the country in order to marry her partner so they can spend what time she has left as legally married spouses. It’s like A Walk To Remember but real and not stupid.

Lisa Dumaw was in her final days when her cousin, Kristen Eberhard flew from New York to Boulder, Colorado to say her final goodbyes. Dumaw was in really bad shape; according to People, “[she] was hospice-bound, following a five-year battle with ovarian cancer. At 90 lbs., she was no longer able to eat.” Eberhard says that in their final time together, the subject of marriage came up, and Eberhard questioned whether or not Dumaw and her partner Therese Pieper had ever considered getting married.

When Eberhard got home to New York, she was beyond surprised by a call from Dumaw, saying that she and Pieper would be coming to New York to get legally married. The couple had been together for 15 years, but Colorado does not currently recognize same sex marriage.

Eberhard’s local community, friends, and family rallied around the couple to plan an intimate wedding that would take place in Eberhard’s living room. After waiting 24 hours to get their marriage license, Dumaw and Pieper were legally married. Eberhard commented on the amazing and unlikely wedding, given Dumaw’s deteriorating health:

“I think it’s the resilience of the human spirit. When you hear a story like this and you realize that someone who has been in such a committed, loving relationship has to go to these extremes to marry her partner, [it's ridiculous]. She wants her partner to have those benefits, legally.”

Good god. I’m all teary and emotional now. I’ll never understand why some people believe that marriage shouldn’t be extended to all loving, adult couples, but I’m just happy that these two were able to have their 15 year relationship legally recognized before it was too late.


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