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Miley Cyrus’ Bleached Eyebrows Are Her Saddest Style Choice So Far

miley cyrus eyebrows miranda kerr instagram

Miley Cyrus‘ eyebrows are gone! The tongue-wagging provocateur singer just posted an Instagram shot of herself cuddling up to supermodel Miranda Kerr, and Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows are out of the picture. (Kerr’s eyebrows look great as usual.)

Considering what a fashion moment thick, dark eyebrows have been having lately, this is a surprising choice for anyone trying to make a case for herself as being “on a whole other level of shit” when it comes to fashion.

Admittedly, we like eyebrows a lot. Chalk it up to coming of age with the beauty manuals of the eyebrow-obsessed Kevyn Aucoin, but we think nothing is more striking or beautiful than a strong, dark, beautifully shaped eyebrow. Some of us have tried everything from Latisse to Rogaine to get full, gorgeous eyebrows, so Miley getting rid of hers is like watching someone in a 4-star restaurant order a side salad and throw out the tasting menu.

She’s still sticking her tongue out, though.

miley cyrus eyebrows instagram

Miley Cyrus even met up with Lily Allen to lick the other singer, who caught the moment on an Instagram of her own. Allen didn’t use any weird filters, so her shot gives us the best look at just what exactly Miley Cyrus has done to her face, and now we’re pretty sure the eyebrows are still actually present on her face, they’ve just been bleached to near invisibility.

Phew! For a moment there we thought she’d shaved them, and we were worried they would never grow back. Because Miley Cyrus has always had some really nice eyebrows.

miley cyrus dog eyebrows instagram

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows today?

Images via Instagram/MileyCyrus, LilyAllen

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  • Julia Sonenshein

    Wait, WHY?

  • Katy Hearne

    Nope. Nu-uh.

  • nic

    Did Tyra Banks make her do it…? That’s the only thing that makes sense right now.