5 Horrible Plastic Coats That Everyone In Fashion Loves Right Now

Plastic outerwear is officially a trend for spring 2014 and I, for one, am appalled. And I’m not just talking about raincoats. Raincoats are supposed to be plastic. No, I’m talking about regular looking, should-never-be-plastic coats and jackets. *Shudder* The best part about the non-summer seasons, for me, is that I get to hide underneath warm, comfy sweaters coats and jackets for at least 6 months. You simply cannot do that in plastic.

I think plastic outerwear is one of those things that you either love or hate (and I think it’s obvious which side I am on). But I think we can all agree that the following examples are just wrong. Just so wrong.

Plastic Cardigan

plastic outerwear

Getty Images

At first glance this doesn’t seem so bad, but what you are looking at here is a plastic cardigan. Now, a cardigan isn’t technically outerwear I suppose, but I think that fact makes this worse, not better. Cardigans are supposed to be cozy. Why on Earth would you want a plastic one? A SEE-THROUGH plastic one.

Epaulettes From Hell

plastic outerwear

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I know this is supposed to be “jewel-encrusted” but to me it just looks like a couple of epaulettes started mating and reproducing on the model’s shoulder. I could make one of these in five minutes with a 99 cent plastic poncho and a bedazzler.

Clear Plastic Motorcycle Jacket


Maybe I’m a purist, but there is a reason that motorcycle jackets are made from leather. I don’t think a thin piece of plastic is going to stand between you and a bloody, gravely death if you fall off your motorcycle.

Sleeveless Pink Nightmare 

I don’t know what I hate more about this. The bubblegum color, the fact that it’s sleeveless, or the plastic. Also, if the “jacket” makes the gorgeous non-pregnant model look 6 months preggo, how am I going to look in it? NOPE.

Bubble Coat

plastic outerwear

Getty Images

The perfect jacket for women who want to look like Bubble Buddy from Spongebob. Who needs to use their arms, anyway? #Overrated

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      The motorcycle jacket looks like plastic wrap!

    • Min

      so into the first one, but then again I thought it was mesh, not plastic.